Thus, the ex is suffering from Helene Fischer's friend Thomas Seitel

adminJanuary 9, 2019

While acrobat Thomas Seitel tumbler with pop star Helene Fischer, his fiancee suffers from the sudden separation: For the attractive Bulgarian, a world had collapsed, reported friends.

By a Freud is known for the other ailments: While Helene Fischer (34) and her new friend, the air acrobat Thomas Seitel (34), swing in the seventh heaven out of pure love happiness, their former partners have a heartbeat to fight. Still fierce than Florian Silbereisen (37), the separation Thomas Seitel ex-girlfriend Anelia Janeva (36) enforces, as the magazine "Bunte" reports.

Sudden separation after nine years

Until a few weeks ago, the makeup artist and photographer had lived with his fiance Thomas Seitel in a condominium. For a couple of years they were a couple to Seitel suddenly broke up with her in September. Today the whole world knows the reason for separation: The dancer had fallen in love with his boss, Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer. She also, according to "Bunte" in October, divorced her long-standing partner, Florian Silbereisen. For the presenter, love also came as a surprise, the magazine wants to know.

The love headlines also add to her

Was the relationship between the two last longer? A friend of Anelia reports in the interview: "When Thomas broke down with Anelia, he did not say it was because of Helene. After all, Anelia worked for them, the two were even friends. Now that she knows the truth, she becomes twice disappointed by Thomas and Helene. "At that moment, for the Bulgarians, the world" collapsed once ". Anelia, as a photographer since 2017, has taken almost all the photos that Thomas and Helene show on the stage together. In the first few weeks after love, she shouted "bitterly".

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have split up

The 36-year-old has extreme suffering from the separation from the man she is to marry and with whom she wanted to start a family. In addition, the headlines of her ex and his new "broken heart" have reported the confession. (BRC)

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