"Thrones Game", "The Paper House" and "Stranger Things": These are the 15 most anticipated series in 2019

adminDecember 28, 2018

2019 approaches and with the forthcoming arrival of new proposals on television: from the expected end of "Play Thrones"goes through the return of"Stranger Things"And"Papirhuset"to premiere as"Watchmen"In this list you will find some of the most anticipated titles for next year and a number of genres: from thrillers to fictions of superheroes.


The most watched series in the United States and the winner of several awards will be fired from television with a big blow and drag. Who will finally sit on the iron throne? There is not much to know. HBO channel premiered, last April, last season.


Eleven and the group of nerds come back to the face of new mysteries in Upside Down by Netflix.

And "Play Thrones"And"Stranger Things"other fictions are added as the new seasons of"Papirhuset"And"The House of Flowers"(by Netflix) as well as the return of mystic drama"True Detective"and" Big Little Lies "(on HBO).

If we look for new fictions, we can turn our eyes to "Killing Eve": a duel between two women (an MI5 agent and a killer) obsessed with each other, paramount announces the drama for 2019.

In the field of superheroes is "Watchmen"And"Deadly class"In the first case, an adaptation was already made for the cinema, including Regina King, Jeremy Irons and Don Johnson, while the other blends the teenage drama with violence in a school where they premiere. The next generations of killers.

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