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Three Belgian chefs among the 100 best in the world!

November 28, 2018, on trends

Despite a single restaurant with three Michelin stars, our food can be proud of its artists

Christophe Hardiquest ("Bon Bon" ** in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre), Peter Goossens ("Hof van Cleve" *** in Kruishoutem) and Gert de Mangeleer ("Duke Jan" *** in Zedelgem, which closes his doors December 22nd) is part of the top 100 of the best chefs in the world developed by the French magazine Le Chef. The triple star Arnaud Donckele who goes to "The Golden Wave" in Saint Tropez comes to the top of the podium. Produced on the basis of the reviews from Michelin's two and three-star chefs from around the world, the ranking initiated in 2015 is the result of a single question to professionals: "What are the five international leaders who best reflect the value of the profession? have food and where to go? "
Arnaud Donckele *** wins the prize. He succeeds with Michel Troisgros *** (2018), Alain Passard *** (2017), the former triple star, but came out of the guide at his request at the beginning of the year Michel Bras (2016) and Pierre Gagnaire *** (2015) ). For the fifth time, a French chef works in France's top ranking unveiled Sunday in Monaco at the Chefs World Summit gourmet congress.
Christophe Hardiquest (66.), Peter Goossens (79.) and Gert Mangeleer (87.) are the three leaders who honor Belgium with their presence.
Since the establishment of the rankings, the five best countries remain France, Japan, the United States, Italy and Spain.

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