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adminDecember 31, 2018

He hadn't been in his homeland for a year, Venezuela. But he did. The singer Nacho He flew to his home country and sent a message of hope through his Instagram profile. A gesture, which although many took it as positive, saw others not with very good eyes.

So it was his wife Inger Devera She received messages that were not pleasant to her person, with insults and even threats to her family after her husband had visited the country. "Damn … damn shit, damn your children, your mother and the bitch Nacho mother," said one of the ugly comments his wife got.

Offended, the artist made it public in the network to share with the hatred that some people still have and prevent progress. Even with sorrow, but firmness, the singer shared these words in peace, but with the hope that the union of all will help to increase their country.

"Message from a" paisanito "to my wife thanks to my trip to Venezuela. Is this what we are? Is that what we want? Is that what defines us as a society? Or is this the first thing we should change?" the 35 year old artist.


"Sorry, but neither my family nor I want to participate in this. I want a better country, and the change begins in our hearts. I do not owe anything to anyone and all I have I have sweated and I have sweated I will Share with my people. With all my heart, if you like them well, if not, I invite you not to follow me. Thanks, "he concluded with a picture of the terrible message his wife got in networking.

The singer, always critical of the regime of Nicolás Maduro, he wrote his wish days and hopes to see his country be what it was, get up and go again. "Today I will give because we will work together to restore what we were and what we had, for better times to come. Salud," he wrote with a video of years ago when the artist participated in a telenovela.

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