Thomas Lilti: "The reconstruction of the real cause of romance and its great questions"

adminNovember 26, 2018

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Director Thomas Lilti, at the 11th Angoulême Francophhone Film Festival, August 25th.
Director Thomas Lilti, at the 11th Angoulême Francophhone Film Festival, August 25th. YOHAN BONNET / AFP

Director Thomas Lilti, born in 1974, is the author of four films of cinema, the other, Hippocrates (2014), was a great success that made it known to the public. after field Medic (2016) and First year (2018), Lilti designed for Canal + a serial declination ofHippocrates, which can be said to be a perfect success. The director answered questions from world.

How was the project for a series of the film rejected? Hippocrates (2014) that revealed you to the public?

Hippocrates, we often forget it is not my first movie. I understand we can think so because the one who walks in front of it, Blindfolded eyes (2007) had been seen by only three thousand people. I had a lot of trouble, following the error in this first movie, to bring the project to a successful conclusion.Hippocrates. We were told: The hospital university is not for cinema but for television. So in 2013, my producers and I made a series that was suggested to France Télévisions and Canal +, but was not interested at the time of the project as it was formulated. We did not want us at TV or cinema. But after much trouble, the movie Hippocrates came out on the big screen.

With great success!

It was a little miracle. And from the movie contest at the Cannes Film Festival, I was asked by many manufacturers who told me I was legitimate to make a TV series! But the success ofHippocrates Allow me to continue making movies, field Medic (2016) and First year (2018), before this idea comes up again. I talked to my regular manufacturers, and we contacted Canal +, as this time said yes immediately. It was a common wish since the chain, I was told, tried to get in touch with us.

How did you get the specifications of the series series?

Everything was amazing, there was no casting noise, in any field, the authorship was the same, we did not experience a deadlock. We have learned to make a series while doing it. But I did not think about the scope of the task: being the creator, showrunner, coscenarist and especially director of all six episodes. This last part adds that the others were the most widely used in the manufacture.

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