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Do you like scary movies? I'm sorry, let's be more specific. you like Horror Movies scored by Thom Yorke of Radiohead? Well, you're in luck, boy: do not look now, but there's one right behind you! AAAAAAAAHH !!!!!

Yorke soundtrack for the new remake of the cult seventies horror movie Suspiria is not a film score the way we say, the orchestral opuses of his bandmate Jonny Greenwood for There will be blood Y Ghost thread They are movie scores. Nor is it an adequate sequel to any of his solo albums, 2006 The eraser and 2014 Modern boxes of tomorrow (an underestimated triumph that is finally touring extensively in the United States next month). Instead, he has recorded an 81-minute bag of witchcraft instruments, strange "n" gurgles grunts, lurid monk songs and, occasionally, a beautiful dead song. "Suspirium" is a radiant piano ballad that would have fitted perfectly into the most recent Radiohead album; the jazzy soul of "Unmade" and the tremor of "Hop has ended" are even more surprising, with welcome echoes from Yorke and his brilliant collaborators. Amnesia-was sides b.

These melodies are Yorke's old, and they make you wish that you wrote more of them for Suspiria. At least until you hear the second half of this album, where the songs are diluted in favor of even the strangest electronic sounds. "A choir of one" is a descent of 14 minutes to an icy hell; "A soft hand on the face" and "The synthesizer speaks" (both in less than a minute) sound a bit like side two of Low if Bowie was a real vampire, which makes quite a lot of sense, since this Suspiria It is celebrated in 77 of Berlin. It's an intriguing side twist for Yorke, who continues to find new ways to unsettle and delight listeners after all these years as one of the biggest ghosts of the night.


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