This was the "water girl" strategy to excel in the Golden Globes

adminJanuary 9, 2019

girl-water fiji
  • Kelleth Cutthbert, the "water girl" of the Fiji brand, went viral during the Golden Globes gala

  • To look good in all the pictures, the model made gestures, which got the attention of social networks

  • The "water girl" did not initially know the relevance she had bought

During the Gala of the Golden Globes, an edecan of the Fiji-branded viral, which was called "the water girl," was gradually adopted.

Wear a blue dress and wear a tray of water bottles, the woman stole the attention; The reason why different media got the task of finding out who was this character is about Kelleth Cutthbert.

Having made photo bombs for different celebrities, they started circulating memes quickly about it, and it was that their particular role in the event, as well as proximity to celebrities, got the attention of social network users.

Similarly, the movements made by the model were derived from the fact that users generated the conversation about it.


"Photographers are shooting a lot of photos quickly," Cutthbert said in a statement made for the magazine people; there he said "obviously your face doesn't look just fine, so they caught different expressions where I of course look forward to making weird faces".

according to Infobae, the model did not realize that her participation in the Golden Globes meant she and the watermark were Trending Topic; This she knew long after the gala, since Kelleth was focused on her work.

"I didn't know what happened and I didn't have the cell phone with me," explained the "water girl" who also said her intention was not to be known. "You have to put on a good face, at least if you want to hang around the picture," the model said.

After the success of the red carpet, the guests of the various parties sought after the ceremony to take pictures of the most famous "water girl" in the world; something that also benefited Fiji, as the brand accompanies Cutthbert's fame.


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