This was the adventure of the infiltrators in Challenge 4 Elements

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Actor Lina Tejeiro, presenter Iván Lalinde, presenter Laura Acuña and comedian Piter Albeiro, had the opportunity to experience the adventure of Reto 4 Elementos as infiltrators.

The talent also participated in the great launch of the production that takes the competing side of each of the participants in this great reality.

Each of the talents highlighted the emotions that arose after participating in this great adventure.

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For Iván Lalinde to have infiltrated into Reto 4 Elementos he took out the competitive essence he has in it, according to him, "you think you don't have it, but you do".

While lecturer Laura Acuña was part of this adventure, he left "you must always have a good dose of humor", and therefore he invited all the Colombians to see # 4ElementosCol.

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