This video by Hugh Jackman recounts the rumors of his return as Wolverine

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With & # 39; Logan & # 39; said Hugh Jackman goodbye to Wolverine forever … or who made us believe. In case the end of the movie does not make it clear enough, the actor has repeated in numerous cases that he will not play the mutant of the X-Men, despite requests from fans and Ryan Reynolds.

However, we do not give up, and every new movement of Jackman is a possible reference to the return of Wolverine. yesterday, the actor uploaded a video of his training to their networks, let's see he's very busy keeping the volume of his arms. Many have interpreted it as a clear sign that he is preparing to return as Wolverine.

"The heavy gym. #Dogpound #bri #cameo"

The reactions have been immediate. Wolverine fans have riddled the actor with hints and gifs about the character, cries of emotion and theories whether it would work better in Avengers: Endgame or in Deadpool 3.

"Welcome again, Logan"

"When Hugh Jackman starts uploading training videos or videos, he can usually only mean one thing"

"Why do you train so hard?" Wolverine's coming back? "

But the most impressive is not the video itself, but the hashtag that Jackman has used: #cameo. How did you come, Hugh? What are you trying to tell us? Irremediably, we think of Ryan Reynolds and his mythical crusade to get the look of Wolverine in the & # 39; Deadpool & # 39;. We also remember the time when Google released panic, including Jackman in the cast Avengers: Endgame. It is impossible not to believe that one of these possibilities will come true.

"Deadpool 3 & # 39; Will Be Amazing @VancityReynolds (Ryan Reynolds)"

"Why came?"

"This cameo thing makes me curious, maybe the rumors of" Avengers: Endgame "were real?"

The candidate

Return of the X-Men

Jackman is working hard to stay in shape and, if he does not resurrect Wolverine, we will not complain. Meanwhile, We may be pleased to see him in & quot; El candidato & # 39; next February 19th. Although the politician is not a role that requires many plans to show the results of training, it is ugly to appreciate him only for his physique. In addition, we will always have their appearances in the X-Men.

On the other hand, the end of Wolverine does not mean that the stories of this group of mutants have come to an end. Without going further, in July this year we can see the X-Men: Dark Phoenix & # 39;, which records the plot of the X-Men: Apocalypse & # 39; and delves in the psychologist of Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). Undoubtedly a new approach to the Dark Phoenix story that looks very good.

The best roles for Hugh Jackman

10 & # 39; X-Men & # 39;
& # 39; X-Men & # 39;

The movie that changed everything in the career of Hugh Jackman and the character who secured him somewhere in the cinema history. As it is. Bryan Singer achieved what seemed almost impossible in the past, and now it is something like an annual tradition, a great superhero film, with "X-Men", a remarkable adaptation that somehow helped reactivate the passion between this movie genre and the vast audience . Part of the value of this discovery undoubtedly falls on a Hugh Jackman who stood above the rest of the castmates for a matter of pure presence and personality, wasting the charism and magnetism that separates superstars, well the rest of the mortals. The first and unforgettable kind of actor.

X men in eCartelera

9 & # 39; From Healing & # 39;
& # 39; From Healing & # 39;

Before Stephen Sommers disappeared from the Hollywood map after "GI Joe & # 39; directed a handful of remarkable movie experiences, including this is" Van Helsing "a little understated at the time, this remarkable pompous entertainment earned Hugh Jackman makes it clear that his talent could go far beyond Wolverine, surrenders completely and contributes with its undeniable presence to the sign. The box office did not respond as expected, but Van Helsing & # 39; still works perfect if you want to spend a while from going and giving you a real actor.

Van Helsing in eCartelera

8 & # 39; Eddie Eagle & # 39;
& # 39; Eddie Eagle & # 39;

& # 39; Eddie the Eagle & # 39; bio-whip about Michael Edwards, the most amazing and famous ski slope in British history, is one of the surprises that end up winning your heart based on sympathy, charm, simplicity and good intentions.

Directed with great intelligence by Dexter Fletcher, the film finds its most outstanding core core skill, formed by a surprising Taron Egerton and a stunning Hugh Jackman, capable of carrying the total weight of the story on the back with great ease. They are the engine that makes the Eddie Eagle finish come to the best of possible ports, where small movies become large. Highly recommended

Eddie Eagle in eCartelera

7 & # 39; Prisoners & # 39;
& # 39; Prisoners & # 39;

Denis Villeneuve had already managed to squeeze his previous work, Incendies, into the League of Great Thrillers in recent years, but in case there was any doubt that someone had not heard, he stressed it with Prisioneros, a movie born of entrails and returning once consumed. Rhythm Intense, Impeccable Invoice, plot disguised as a disturbing maze and an outstanding cast that Hugh Jackman provided one of the interpretations that is intended to remain in the collective memory. Rage, desert, rage, madness and emotion. An excellent job

Prisoners in eCartelera

6 & # 39; Scoop & # 39;
& # 39; Scoop & # 39;

Not everything would be tensions and drama in the British stage Woody Allen (on foot), there is also room for the comedy of entanglements with its little bit of mystery. & # 39; Scoop & # 39; one of the works of the New York genius that was treated unfairly and stupid by a critic bent on comparing each of his contemporary works with his great classics, stood on a dazzling Scarlett Johansson in the role of a journalist student, who, accompanied by a clumsy and charming magician Allen himself, will try to tell who really is the famous tarot's killer.

Everything works perfectly in a friendly comedy that in the playful interpretation of a surprising Hugh Jackman finds one of his best weapons. And that's it, Far from shrinking from the challenge, the Australian actor perfectly adapts to the rhythm, tone and style of the Allen brand. The best news

Scoop in eCartelera

5 The last trick (prestige)
The last trick (prestige)

After appearing Batman and before his movie became something like a giant framed frame, Christopher Nolan approached the magic by turning a magic trick into 130 minutes of cinema in its purest form. An amazing entertainment that, despite its relentless duration, was still a funicular of manuscripts in which the two main characters, fantastic Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale represented the rivalry that is always present between two geniuses, the inevitable ambition of being the greatest, the irreconcilable deal of artistic immortality. A match that the Australian actor was reinforced at the cashier's office also received the approval of a critic who surrendered to his actor.

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4 & # 39; Source of Life & # 39;
& # 39; Source of Life & # 39;

One & # 39; source of life & # 39; may be many, many things, face, but one of them is not the commitment of the protagonist, a Hugh Jackman who leaves the soul of this leap of creative faith led by the ever-unpredictable and controversial Darren Aronofsky. A story of love and loss that ends up as a complex reflection over time as an important metaphor and acceptance of pain as a need to enjoy the last few seconds of happiness there the actor puts all the meat in the saliva, throws himself to the void and interprets with the heart in a fist. For that reason, and in some cases it rubs off the excess more of the desired case, Jackman deserves the applause.

The source of life in eCartelera

3 & # 39; The Great Showman & # 39;
& # 39; The Great Showman & # 39;

Few, to say nothing, could guess the enormous commercial success where he ended up being "The Great Showman", musically biopsy and (very) sweetened at Phineas Taylor Barnum, founder of "Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus", known as the biggest show on earth. However, the mouth effect again showed that it is infallible when it really activates its machine, making it one of the highest wholesalers in the past year. A phenomenon that was blamed so much by the protagonist's interpretation of Hugh Jackman, pure charisma, like a soundtrack full of epic and contagious pop. Perfect formula.

The Great Showman on National Basketball

2 & # 39; Logan & # 39;
& # 39; Logan & # 39;

It was good to say goodbye. Hugh Jackman confirmed that he would not play Wolverine again, and the sense of dedication and final effort of the actor is revealed in each of the scenes of the extraordinary Logan. He is a 100% Jackman, fully aware of the holidays involved in staring into a story with this dramatic potential, grateful for a character who has given it all and delivers a wonderful interpretation, full of detail and top resources. He is the heart of "Logan" but also his wounds and his tears, his epic and his desolation, his loneliness, and his (unexpected) tenderness. To date, interpretation and character of his life.

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1 "The miserable"

The movie's adaptation of "Los Miserables", one of the most important musicals in Broadway's history, based on its turn on one of the most important novels in literary history, had everything, all in all, to be perfect. Of course it wasn't. But damn it, It is still impossible not to be thrilled with such huge songs, so the movement of characters and moments of such brutal epics.

Director Tom Hooper could not or did not know how to control a monster of this size, but the gang ended up raising a feature that already started with the remarkable under arm thanks to the impressive music of Claude-Michel Schönberg, one of undisputed peaks in genre. Okay, Broadway and close-ups have never come together, but you have to forgive (almost) everything with monuments like "I dreamed a dream", "One day more" or "Hear the people singing?" interpretations as delivered and unforgettable as one of Hugh Jackman. One of the actors' most memorable works, quite different from the rest.

The miserable in eCartelera

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