This is why Lindsay Lohan was not shown in Thanks U, Next

adminJanuary 8, 2019

& # 39;Thank you, next"was successful video of 2018 who broke as many plates as he could and was in everyone's mouth for a long time. Can you imagine what the result would be if they had invited Lindsay Lohan? She reveals the reason why they didn't

In a recent interview, Lindsay Lohan he talked about video & # 39;Thank you, next& # 39; of Ariana Grande And he said he loved the end result. Despite having declared a few months ago, no one interprets Lindsay Lohan as well as Lindsay Lohan I would do it, consider it an excellent one video.

About the reason why it didn't show up video player Cady Heron, Lindsay Lohan He said they might not be able to contact me, I guess. I do not know It is not that easy to fly from Dubai. "

Some users on social networks may think so Lindsy Lohan Have some kind of feeling found because Jonathan bennett (Aaron Samuels) and Stephanie Drummond (Bethany Byrd) was required to appear in video. What do you think? really Ariana Grande forgot to tell Lindsay Lohan who will interpret Cady Heron again?

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