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The origins of Jack & # 39; s (Milo Ventimiglia) necklace in We are it became a little clearer when Kevin (Justin Hartley) finally landed in Vietnam. Warning, the spoilers follow.

In "Sometimes", the episode on Tuesday, November 13 of the hit NBC drama, viewers saw Jack in Vietnam with Nicky (Michael Angarano), Jack returned to the United States on a road trip to Los Angeles with Rebecca (Mandy Moore ) and Kevin in Vietnam with Zoe (Melanie Liburd).

During Jack's story in Vietnam, the good soldier tried to put his brother with problems in the same unit as him. When his application was rejected, he was forced to walk back to his camp. However, he was hooked on a trip, part of the way, and his complicated relationship with his time in Vietnam was shown in a new light.

The spectators also saw how the mysterious necklace made its way to the woman in the photo that Kevin has: it was faked, bought by a soldier, left in a bar after that soldier saw the recipient with another man, which a Vietnamese soldier took out of the bar. and then lifted by the woman in the photo. Jack would see the same woman later in the middle of the night. Finally, Nicky was assigned to Jack's unit for two weeks.

In the present, Kevin and Zoe walked around Vietnam, indulging in local foods, like the bat. They also saw a tourist wearing a necklace with the same symbol as Jack's, so Kevin now believes that the necklace is cheap and not as significant as he thought. But this is We are, you know it will not be as simple as that. Kevin also learned that Zoe did not want to see her father, and did not explain why. This, naturally, bothered Kevin so much that he had to bother.

After the bat returned to pursue it, Zoe revealed why she did not want to see her father, because he sexually abused her. "Try to contact me from time to time to make peace, but I have no interest, I went ahead," he said after Kevin revealed that he was beginning to fall in love with her.

"I'm telling you because my father has already ruined me so much, I'm not going to let him ruin it," he said.

During the We are After the show, Liburd said that Kevin helped Zoe learn to trust being vulnerable and open about her past and her father. "I think he has helped her that way," he said.

We are Tuesdays, 9 p.m. in the nbc.

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