This is the summary of us, season 3, episode 8: "Six thanksgiving"

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We are

Six thanks

Season 3

Episode 8

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Thanksgiving is the perfect party to represent the Pearsons. You have all that grateful thing going on, that takes care of the serious side of We are, but it is also a holiday in which you exceed food as much as alcohol, which sometimes makes you lower your guard and release years of suppressed emotions at the table. It is what happens when the turkey and the cake occupy all the space in which you have been putting your feelings for years. The emotional improvement that sometimes comes with having to share a meal with your whole family works well for We are.

This year, This is youHe celebrates his holidays with a lot of Thanksgiving from different periods of time. However, is not that the case of the Pearsons? Why have a Thanksgiving when you can have six? But after all the turkey has gone, I must admit that this year I am very grateful for Miguel. Luckily for us, we spent not one but two Thanksgiving with Jack's best friend.

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