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"Sometimes" is a deeply persecuted episode of We are. And by refining its approach to three rich stories, unlike the dispersed quality that defined the last weeks of the program, it is also one of the best of the season so far.

This, perhaps in a problematic way, has to do with including neither Kate nor Randall, who are caught in fine arcs at this moment; this last one more and more, in spite of the excellent continuous work of Sterling K. Brown. In contrast, the only brother of Pearson that appears in "Sometimes" is Kevin, and is directly related to the heavy material of Jack that is happening in the other timelines: the Vietnam War, to which we return for the first time , and the first Stages of the romance of Jack and Rebecca.

Let's start with the opening, which essentially describes how the infamous neck placed on Kevin ended around the neck of a Vietnamese woman, who would then be photographed next to Jack. The sequence is clear: the episode opens in the necklace that is being made; then it moves to be sold to the military; then to a man who bought it trying to use it to pick up a woman, only to leave it in a bar where he sees it with another man; and then to another man picking him up, only to die on the battlefield; and then, finally, to a woman who finds it and puts it on. It is a subtle beginning that reflects what We are It does better, looking at so many lives and mapping its connections.

Kevin is still obsessed with the image when he and Zoe land in Vietnam, but soon he feels upset by something else: Zoe's reluctance to open up to him. She hints at a problematic dynamic with her father when she asks him not to tag her on any Instagram photo; He lives in China and she does not want to see him, but he does not say exactly why. This bothers Kevin: he realizes that she has talked very little about her family, and that while he falls in love with her, he wants to know more. From now on, he knows that she is intelligent, ambitious and quite adventurous, that last detail evidenced by her first lunch in Vietnam, where she gorges herself in the market bat. (Later he will regret the election). While he is outside, Kevin sees a tourist wearing the same necklace as his father's, and discovers that it is a cheap souvenir gift, without the special and singular value that he had attributed to him. Although, of course, the background story is as important as Kevin initially thought; Little does he know.

Kevin says at the beginning of the episode that he felt his father at the time they landed in Hanoi, and "Sometimes" actually carries that ghostly element. A lot of this comes from what Jack himself goes through in this episode. While the "Vietnam" episode was more of a structural feat, this is the first time that the program really lives in Jack's war experience, which allows us to better glimpse his trauma.

In the war timeline, we start where we left off: at the Jack and Nicky meeting. Nicky seems volatile and unstable as he hugs and pushes his brother, expressing joy and anger at seeing him. "Do not touch me, do not look at me, I'm not here," he tells Jack at one point. He gets in the face, trying to scare him. But Jack does not move, indicating that he is going to ask for help. "They accused me of article 15: that is an improper conduct," Nicky tries to explain. It appears broken, without hope. (The summary continues on page 2)


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