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This week We are, two Pearson wives found themselves changing roles, since both Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) had to make their best impression of Jack Pearson and be the rock for their respective wives: Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) ) faced increasing feelings of futility after losing his job, and Toby (Chris Sullivan) continued to struggle after having cooled off his medications. Meanwhile, Kevin (Justin Hartley) became even more obsessed with the mysterious picture of his father and a young Vietnamese woman, even driving to Philadelphia to discuss the problem with Randall.

"Kamsahamnida," a reference to the only phrase Randall knows in Korean, was light on clues from the past or the future, instead of focusing on developments in the present and a boxing metaphor involving Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Randall. After discovering that Jack occasionally talks to other men (even earning a black eye), Rebecca (Mandy Moore) forbids Jack to do it again, but soon young Randall asks his father to teach him how to defend himself against a manufactured hoodlum. It turns out that Randall was simply looking for a way to be more "hard" like Jack.

Currently, Randall makes good use of his father's boxing advice, trying to hit his campaign opponent, Sol Brown (Rob Morgan), where it hurts, while Brown just smiles to hide his pain. After being killed with kindness while appearing in Sol's church, Randall decides to try a new tactic: win over Korean voters who have not attended past elections. The politically motivated scheme is immediately transparent to many in the neighborhood, but it gives Randall a crucial ally in Jae-Won (Tim Jo), his new campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Beth struggles to stay calm while helping her children sell Girl Scout cookies. Ultimately, she tells Randall that she is not well, prompting him to sing her praises as if he were in love with a Disney movie before convincing her to join his campaign team. Kate tries to help Toby find his way forward, but his efforts are hampered when his dog, Audio, eats a rock. But it is Kate's turn to pass, so she finally convinces Toby to join her and assures her that he will not go anywhere with a speech "until death do us part".

Kevin's obsession in Vietnam and the assumptions that the mysterious woman was romantically involved with Jack led him to break into Zoe (Melanie Liburd) during his post-documentary spa day with a visa application. He goes to Vietnam (with the blessing of Randall) to get more information. about his father, and he wants her to come with him. As we know from the progress of last season, she says yes and that the wheels are in motion to take them abroad.

We are Producer Isaac Aptaker delved into the episode with EW, assessing the program's tendency to put fictional dogs in jeopardy and more. So let's keep retreating the wallpaper while Aptaker answers questions about Randall's campaign mistakes and new team members, what does Kate's great speech for her future and Toby's, and when could we see Beth get a Victory on their own terms.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: Every time we receive more pieces about Nicky's life. We know that Jack has not told his family much about his brother [played by Michael Angarano], but here he gives Rebecca this beautiful story about how they used to box when they were kids. As we move forward, will we see that Rebecca perhaps knew more about Nicky than we thought?
We're going to learn everything that Rebecca knew about Nicky. I do not think it's a ton. I love that moment, and part of what makes it so special is that even in this incredibly intimate marriage, Jack was so cautious when it came to talking about his immediate family growing up. He offered small fragments here and there. That was a real response to Rebecca's frustration at how isolated Jack is. She knows maybe a little more than she already said, but it's really the kind of thing he did not talk about a lot about, and she does not have a lot of information about that part of her husband's life despite They were so close.

Toby and Beth have been the rocks for their respective wives, and now we see them admitting some weakness and seeking support from Kate and Randall. In each of their cases, have they turned the corner or have we only seen the beginning of their struggles this season?
Especially with Toby, when it comes to depression, it's something that is very common, and it's something that has affected everyone in our writer's room, either directly or through someone they know. So for us it was very important to represent it honestly and tell it in an honest timeline, and not make a story in which one week Toby is in the middle of a depressive episode and next week has taken a pill and regained the path. he was. It is a struggle, and there is a process for it. What I love about her story is that it gives Kate the opportunity to be the rock for Toby. He is often the one who is there for her. And I love giving Chrissy the opportunity to play the partner, who has to be the only one who has to support her husband.

Kate gives Toby a great speech about staying by his side no matter what, being there in sickness and health, for better or for worse, forever. Should we read that speech as a clue to the flash-forward where we saw Toby without her and her wedding ring? That only the most extreme circumstances could have separated them?
Oh interesting. I think she is speaking at this moment, and she is not a prophet and can not say what will come in a marriage. So that's a way of looking at it. Or it could just be that things took a turn and came to a point where she no longer felt that way.

Can we be sure that the audio is good? You love to put dogs in mortal danger and get them out at the last minute.
The[[Laughter]That is what destroys me more than anything. I can go from zero to 60 sobs. You show me a clip of a dog, I can not handle it. I will do everything in my power to make sure that no dogs suffer fictitious damage to our program.

Ultimately, Randall supports Kevin's need to learn more about his father's time in Vietnam, but at first he seems very reluctant. Where does it come from? And as Kevin learns more, will not Randall want to know what he finds?
Randall is the Pearson who is most at peace with Jack. He does not feel that he has a lot of luggage. They had a very nice closure. So there's something very scary when your brother comes up to you and says, "Hey, I want to open the closet and see what skeletons are in there, I want to start asking questions and really delve into some things we do not know about dad , maybe he did not want us to know or that they were not the nicest things. " So Randall's first reaction is "Let's just leave him alone." He's a great man, we've finally found the closure as a family, Kate spread out the ashes, let the dogs sleep. "But at the end of the episode, he realizes That he needs to let Kevin go on this trip, Much of the way Randall has been on a trip through our series to discover his identity and undermine his past, he needs to let Kevin do that exploration.

Kevin seems convinced that this mysterious woman has a romantic connection with Jack. How accurate is your guess?
It is such an ambiguous image. He is a young man and tied to Jack standing next to a beautiful Vietnamese woman, and eventually inherited the jewels he has on his neck. So, if he were my father, he would probably think there was love in the air, but that is his first interpretation. You will do a real search to get some answers.

Jack has all this metaphor that a boxing opponent smiles, so you do not know how much you've hurt him, which is an interference with Randall in Sol Brown's office. Is it fair to say that Randall's tactics are hitting Sol where it hurts even if he smiles through the pain?
Oh yeah. At first he underestimated Randall a little. As the guy who has been in this community for more than a decade and Randall comes as a rich guy from Alpine, New Jersey, with a little more of a tenuous connection to this community through William, I do not think he's worried at all . And then, in this episode, Randall demonstrates some political skill and hires this young and ambitious campaign manager, and suddenly Sol Brown says, "Oh, oh, maybe I have something to worry about."

Randall is breaking into a lot of places without really thinking: last week at the barbecue place, and now he is registering the Korean voters. His heart is in the right place, but his actions are clearly politically motivated. Will he still have to be knocked down before he discovers his focus? Or is it that your new campaign manager will effectively recalibrate things?
The campaign manager is a big step forward for Randall, but at the same time, it's not like he has a veteran campaign manager. He is receiving a very young boy. Randall has only been in this political scenario for a few weeks, so both have a lot to learn. And there is a lot of history to have many surprises, both for our audience and for Randall, about exactly what are the challenges of running for the municipal council.

Beth joins Randall's campaign team. Is it really going to be the answer to your stress and what is happening? She has already supported many of Randall's ambitions. Or will this add more tension to your relationship?
On the one hand, she really plays in Beth's area of ​​expertise. She was an urban planner. In a way, she knows much more about how to run for city council and city policy than Randall. He is being completely genuine when he says he believes that she will be amazing in this. But also, it's her in Randall's team. His support is Randall's dream. It's not your fork and say, "This is what I'm going to do." He's saying, "This is how I'm going to help you do what you want to do." It's a delicate balance, and it could certainly get tense

Will we see that he has his own rock star moment that is not in Randall's service? I love how much they support each other, but will we see her get her own victory?
Hundred percent. We are finishing a script for an episode that is immersed in the background story of Beth. We're going to choose a young Susan. Susan is a rock star and has been so amazing to us. She is definitely going to have her time in the center of attention outside of supporting her husband's dream.

What can Jae-Won contribute to the campaign? What will we see of him and Beth in the coming weeks?
Jae-Won is the best. He is this actor, Tim Jo, who Elizabeth [Berger] and Dan [Fogelman] and everyone worked back on this program that we did in ABC called The neighbors. He is a very funny actor. He is a very interesting dramatic actor. He has a really different energy than Sterling. He plays a very interesting role for him. Here we have two guys who do not have much experience in politics and embark on this campaign together, and both are real forces in their own way. They go to top heads. They will support each other, but he is in this with Randall to win it. We have much more history to tell about this strange link we have here.

Kevin admits that he has problems with the limits and then appears with a visa application in Zoe's hotel room. We knew that she would say yes for the flash-forward, but what changed for her? A few weeks ago, she probably would have reprimanded him for presenting herself like that, right?
I think she was a little upset. I think it's also part of falling in love with someone where you accept their weaknesses and their annoying behaviors because you love that person. I also think that she is very excited about it. Remember, Zoe is a documentarian, and here is someone who offers to take her with you to what could be a truly incredible story. He appeals to both his love for Kevin and his intellectual curiosity.

Generally speaking, We are It does not get political But it was a good boost for voter registration when we have a real world election to come. Was that intentional?
At the time of the episode, we did not know at all how all this would develop because we were breaking it before we had our exact transmission schedule. But I do not think that telling people to vote is political, but it's not partisan. We try to provide one hour a week in which we are not dividing the country because a lot of our lives right now is about what is right and he said She said and very divisive ways of thinking. So, in terms of partisanship, we're not entering into that kind of policy, but I do not think there's anything divisive about telling people to vote. What this country is based on and what makes it amazing is our ability to choose our leaders and how we feel about the issues that are important to us. That is a message that We are You can stay behind, you have a voice and you must use it.

Can you say what is in store in the next episode, in two weeks?
In two weeks, we are doing one of my favorite episodes of the year so far. We just returned from Vietnam, where we recorded a handful of these episodes, including a part of this next one. It's three different road trips. We are going to continue with Jack and Rebecca where we left them in their period of early courtship, with them on the way to Los Angeles. We are going back to Jack's time in Vietnam and we will tell a story about road trips. the one over there And we're also going to continue with the story of Zoe and Kevin about their arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, so it's a really cool episode. It is so extensive in terms of time and place, but the stories are very well connected. I can not wait for people to see it.

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