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We have been covering the last Avengers Movies for months, trying to figure out what will happen after that infamous hit. We know that many of the dead Avengers will be resurrected, and we have seen many theories of fanatics trying to explain how things will happen between the Avengers and Thanos in the future. But the next rumor of the plot, which seems to be confirmed by an expert, is both the best and the scariest. Avengers 4 Spoiler I have read so far. And I hope it is accurate.

In April, a rumor (through MCU Cosmic) came up saying that the action in Avengers 4 It is established about five years in the future. A few days ago, an informant repeated the same thing on Twitter:

In the responses that followed on Twitter, he said that the action begins five years from where we left off, and that he could not divulge the identity of his source. He did not share other details about the next Marvel image, but let's explore what this revelation means, if it is correct.

On the one hand, it's great for us, when you think about it. On the other hand, it is terribly sad for the surviving characters. All of them had to live with those deaths for five years. They had to deal with the losses and find a way to maintain the hope that they will somehow be able to undo all those deaths. The Avengers can be defeated at the end of Infinity War, but they are certainly not ready to throw in the towel. And they are likely to regroup to try to discover a course of action as soon as Thanos disappears. But they may end up waiting for the missing piece of the puzzle that will really allow them to face it again.

Remember, this is the only way they win. Tony knows it from Dr. Strange. Therefore, throughout these five years, he will be working hard to achieve Strange's prophecy. He may not know how or when this victory will occur, but he will believe in it. That does not change the fact that so many good friends died, and dealing with all those feelings for so long will have a considerable impact on Tony and everyone else. Not to mention that, in the five years that pass, many other things can happen that could further influence the arcs of the characters.

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Tony is stranded on Titan with Nebula at this time. But he will go home and probably find out that Pepper is pregnant, as we have already learned. That detail adds a new layer of intensity to your fight. He will have everything on the line as he tries to take the Avengers to Strange's victory. Captain America will finally meet Tony and they will probably settle their differences forever.

That other Captain of the MCU, Captain Marvel, will go to Earth's helper after the distress signal that Nick Fury sent before he died. But since there will be no Fury or Maria Hill, you will probably have to join the Avengers in some way. Shuri will probably assume the position of Black Panther, since she must be next in line on Wakanda's throne now that her brother is gone. If nobody from the rival tribes challenges her, that's it.

Hawkeye is also alive after the snap, we know that. But what about his wife and children? It is likely that he has also lost someone after the attack and is equally motivated to find Thanos. Hulk, meanwhile, has plenty of time to get out of hiding. And let's not forget that there are pending issues between Bruce and Natasha.

But do you know who might not have to deal with five years of pain like everyone else? Ant-Man, that's who. He will have his own problems in the quantum realm, where he is trapped, as far as we know. But he also knows that the vortexes of time are around. And the best exit for him, in my opinion, would be a vortex of time outside the Kingdom and back to real life that will send him five years in the future, that would be the time frame of Avengers 4, and would explain why Scott Lang's daughter is expected to be a teenager in the new movie.

Ant-Man could be the missing piece of the Stark puzzle. Once again, Stark knows that this is the only way to win, but he may not have all the resources necessary to achieve it.

Imagine Lang appearing at Stark's door with questions about everything that happened. Because as soon as Scott realizes he is in the future, he will be informed of what happened to Hope and his family, and will want some kind of revenge. And Ant-Man could show Stark the only other way to travel in time other than to grasp the Stone of Time, which is still in Thanos's possession.

Other characters, including Thor, Rocket and Nebula, are also there, and each of them will experience five difficult years. Not to mention that Thanos is still out there somewhere. What would Thanos do during that long lapse of time?

Of course, I'm only speculating here. The idea is that, sad as this time difference between events is, it will add another layer of complexity and anguish to a story that is already surprising.


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