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A few days ago we learned that the first Avengers 4 The trailer will be released later this year, but we did not have a firm release date. It has been widely speculated that the first teaser, from which a supposed script has already leaked, will fall by the middle or end of November. At that time, we hope we learn the title of the film, which is currently rumored to be Avengers: Annihilation. But while we wait, I'll show you a fan theory about a key event in the Infinity War Sequel that would be brilliant but at the same time heartbreaking.

A few days ago, a leak claimed that the film takes place about five years after the events in Infinity War. Our favorite heroes will need time to put together and formulate a plan that can lead to altering the past and defeating Thanos. It is believed that the Avengers will go back in time to try to prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers, with some theories that say Tony Stark and Co. will try to create their own alternative glove.

The Infinity Gauntlet requires that all Infinity Stones achieve the kind of mass genocide that Thanos delivered at the end of Infinity War. All Stones have particular attributes, and getting them is not easy. But one of them is only available at a high personal cost, the stone of the soul. Thanos sacrificed Gamora in Infinity War to get it.

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Reddit user sfmarch07 He published his theory online a few days ago, which contains a great moment related to that soul stone.

The Redditor says that everything that happened in the MCU so far has guided the heroes to that single timeline in which defeating Thanos is possible. Crucial for everything is Doctor Strange, but also Nick Fury, whom Strange may have reported in the past:

What I mean by that, is that I think Nick Fury in the 90s in the Captain Marvel The film will be shown or become aware of future and future events, possibly even by Dr. Strange who returns in time from Infinity War, and you will be shown specific things that he and other characters have to do throughout the entire MCU to, ultimately, organize future events the way they should be for the Avengers to win in Avengers 4, according to Dr. Strange's final game plan of 1 possible 14 million results.

That would explain why Fury clung to that Captain Marvel beeper for so long and only used it when he realized that the Thanos threat was real. According to this theory, Fury had a clear game in mind and did everything possible to ensure that he followed Dr. Strange's instructions:

If you go back and see most of the scenes and scenes after the credit with Nick Fury in the MCU movies, it's as if he always knew something the other characters do not know and how to tell them what they need to hear or hear. contributes something that makes a big difference without any explanation of how or why he knew how to do it, from the recruitment of Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America to The Iron Man 2 When he gives Tony his father's box. Or as at the end of Thor 1 when he tells Erik Selvig to work on the cube. Or in Age of Ultron when it appears out of nowhere in the barn and then pushes Tony and the team to where they finally create the Vision with the Stone of Mind.

The sad part involves Tony, who will have to sacrifice something to get that soul stone. Some speculated that it could be Pepper whom he gives for the Stone. But that might not be the case. This theory says that it is Tony who establishes the plan to execute his parents, which is the event that destroyed his relationship with Captain America:

Tony will have to sacrifice something, in the same way that Thanos had to sacrifice Gamora. But instead of sacrificing Pepper Potts, what if Tony has to go back in time until 1991 and infiltrate Hydra or look for the Winter Soldier, and order the blow to his parents, sacrificing what he loves most, to allow him to get the Stone of the soul to fight against Thanos, knowing all the time what will cause in the future and all the anguish that this will personally cause him along with the events of Civil war, breaking the Avengers, and everything that happens after that.

Or maybe Nick Fury in 1991 tells Tony he has to do this. It would be the hardest decision any character had to make on the entire MCU, and a decision that only Tony Stark himself could make, a burden that only he could bear, truly exemplifying him as the "Iron Man". I do not think it's a coincidence that Captain Marvel It takes place in 1990 and Tony's parents are murdered in 1991. In fact, the actor who plays Howard Stark in Civil war It has already been reported that Howard Stark will play again in Avengers 4. Then Nick Fury agrees not to recruit young Tony until he is ready after the events of Iron Man 1 in 2008. This would create a kind of time loop or a causal loop or bootstrap paradox in the MCU timeline, without necessarily having to change anything in the past or rewrite the timeline, configure more than one " that came first, the "chicken or egg" type scenario, because I do not think Marvel Studios would spend 22 movies in the configuration of all these complex stories and then go back and delete them or rewrite the timeline in Avengers 4. And this The cycle of time could ultimately be an important part of Dr. Strange's final game plan to defeat Thanos and undo the snap, just as he did against Dormammu.

I must admit that this theory of fanatics is extraordinary, and I wish that the events of the film develop like this. Recall also that Dr. Strange seems to apologize to Tony when he tells him that this is the only way. It's as if Strange was telling Iron Man that he regrets the kind of sacrifice Tony will have to make to fix things.

And here is one last detail of the theory, which would further cement the idea that Tony will really get many hits for the team:

Oh, and I think it would also be great if Tony and Ant Man travel back in time to the Battle of NY from The Avengers 1 as the filtered photos have shown, if Tony told Captain America not to sign the Sokovia agreements no matter what, more configuration and adding a deeper meaning to everything that happens in Civil war.

Avengers 4 It is launched in early May, a couple of months later. Captain Marvel, which means that we have a lot of time left for speculation, fan theories and spoilers.


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