This fight is with magic: Aquaman vs Mary Poppins

adminDecember 27, 2018

He looks wild. She is a decent smile. Aquaman moves through the water, fights and is rough. Mary Poppins rises through the air and has a magic magic around her. One is part of the universe of DC comics, the other Disney world, and both will fight, shoulder to shoulder, to take the book office in the remaining days this year. They started December 25th.

2018 was the year of superheroes and children and family ties that destroyed the global collection of millions of dollars: Avengers: Infinity War ($ 2,048), The Incredibles 2 ($ 1,241), Black Panther ($ 1,346), Amazing Animals: Grindelwald Crime ($ 596). For that reason, the year had to end with two films that exude the best of each genre, and even if they do not reach the millionaire figures of their competitors, if they insure entertainment so that those who are not on holiday include them plans. days.

Both losses have already premiered, but they have this, the last weekend of the year, as the big cash register thermometer. For now Aquaman sweeping $ 556 million in the world, in its first days surpasses others by the DC universe as Justice League and Wonder Woman. The second place at the ticket office is too The return of Mary Poppins.

The competition is just the beginning.

The King of the Deep
Cartoons. Aquaman comes to the cinema with the goal of successors making him his favorite superhero. Jason Momoa is responsible for giving life to Arthur, the son of the ocean queen and lighthouse, and who must accept his state of half-Atlantic, semi-Atlantic, to avoid an imminent battle between the two worlds. The Hawaiian actor had already seen himself as Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman and in La Liga de la Justicia. "Not forgotten, the name Arthur carries the famous story of King Arthur, legitimate on the throne, but this time in the depths of the sea and with a lost trident instead of the sword," actor Efe told. In the quest, the superhero will help Princess Mera, played by actress Amber Heard, rich Xebel, a superhero tied to others in the DC universe as Wonder Woman. Nicole Kidman will be doing Queen Atlana this time. The movie director is James Wan, who leaves the dark of his scary movies (The Jury, The Devil's Night and Saw: Macabre game) to create a sea world full of brightness.

The critics assure that the adaptation to the big screen that Wan made from the comics presents / shows some Greek-Roman and neoclassical influence, "which is patented especially in the plans of the old Atlantis", the director indicated. The film had a budget of $ 160 million and is also a criticism of marine pollution. "We treat it with respect it deserves," Wan said.

The return of Mary Poppins and her umbrella

For many, this name is new: Mary Poppins. This character was born in the series of novels written by the British writer, actress and journalist Pamela Lyndon Travers in 1933 on a magical nanny and the Banks family. The most famous film about this strict but cordial nanny was in 1964, starring Julie Andrews and directed by Robert Stevenson. Disney now restores the tape in a newer version while retaining the classic. This time, his main character is Emily Blunt and directed by Rob Marshall, the same as Memories of a Geisha, Chicago and In the Forest. For critics, Marshall wraps the original film with its style, although it is evident that colors, decorations and some characters refer to nostalgia.

For example, in this new movie, in the attic of the bank's house, you can see reproductions of several toys that were in the children's room. Banks in the first movie, including the snow globe of St. Paul's Cathedral, a surprise box and wooden blocks forming the word Mary Poppins.

Also the arches of the blouses by Emily Blunt's blouses are a nod to the wardrobe designed by Tony Walton in the first production.

Something to emphasize is the participation of Dick Van Dyke (in the picture), the 93-year-old actor who was in the 1964 film as Bert. For this it will be Mr. Dawes Jr. Having been present was exciting for the other actors, including Lin-Manuel Miranda (pictured below) who achieved worldwide fame thanks to the Hamilton Broadway music. This time he will be a lamplighter and old friend of Poppins.

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