This famous singer of popular music almost lost sight of insects [VIDEO]

adminJanuary 7, 2019

This is Jhonny Rivera, singer of popular music, who gave a concert. According to him, he said in his social networks that a spark of a pyrotechnic game reached him in one of his eyes.

Despite the pain, the singer knew that he had to continue with his show, out of respect for the audience. His statements moved his followers, who thanked him for his involvement.

Through Instagram's social network, the artist told his followers about the accident he had during the show.

"The pyrotechnics came out, and I did not count well where it came from, and it happened very close to my eye. I felt a nuisance. I went to the doctor, to the eye, and they found that I had inserted a splinter of something metallic "It must be what the pyrotechnics bring – in the cornea, in the iris. They anesthetized me and with a needle they took it from me. I know I have nothing in my eyes anymore, but I cure."

At the end of the statement, Rivera thanked the doctor who treated him and all those who were aware of his health.

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