This beautiful and revolutionary actress will be able to start the US presidency

adminDecember 28, 2018

Angelina Jolie The 43-year-old is known for her great talent as an actress and director and for her humanitarian actions around the world, and for being the mother of a beautiful clan of six adopted and natural children (also for her famous romance, marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, but that's another topic). This Friday, Jolie, I participated as a guest on the program BBC Radio 4 Today.

The program's driver asked the actress if she would consider running for the presidency, and she said that 20 years ago she had laughed at the idea, but now it is always where she needs to be. Webb replied that he would add it to the list of Democrats who will be launched in 2020 and she said thanks.

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Jolie is currently a special envoy for The UN must fight in campaigns in support of war refugees and against sexual violence. She said that for now she will be quiet because she feels she can achieve much without having an official title.

But again I mark the relevant experience you have achieved. He said that I have been able to work with governments, with the military, I am in a very interesting situation, since I can do a lot without having an official title. I don't know if I'm suitable for the politics world, but again I don't know if I still have a skeleton in my closet. So it's good, but honestly I think I'll do my best to make a change.

JOLIE 2020?

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