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On Friday is the 6666th episode of success soap. Figure Sunny will be in focus here. Damian Lott, producer of "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" talks to us about the 2018 highlights and gives the first glimpse of love, drama and friendship in 2019.

"GZSZ" was more and more the most watched program for the 14- to 49-year-olds in 2018 – so it had a higher range than all 8:15 pm broadcasts. If you talk about quotas, is it an absolute superlative?


I honestly miss the words. When I speak to the team at the end of the year, this time I can only say, "Thank you, and I take off my hat and bend you and your achievements. It doesn't get much better and that's where we get."


Damian Lott, producer "GZSZ" by UFA Serial Drama at the odds of 2018

In any case. Our quotas have risen steadily for many years. It should have been three weeks since our research department told me that we will probably average about 20 percent market share this year. That's the best result since 2013. I miss the words honestly. When I speak to the team at the end of the year, this time I can only say, "Thank you, and I take off my hat and bend you and your achievements. It doesn't get much better and that's where we get."

Let me counter with my other question: What was wrong in 2018?
A difficult question. You know, there are always small challenges in everyday life. When three actors are not available at the same time, for example, because they are involved in engagements such as shooting in other productions, and we need to switch plans, or we even need to adapt stories. But with our well-trained team and the great support of our RTL editors, it's no problem.

What was your highlight in 2018?
It's not one highlight. Of course it was very special for us to shoot a feature film in Mallorca for two weeks. The Primetime special, however, was also very time-consuming and a challenge for everyone, since the episodes for Daily were still produced in parallel in Germany. Away from Mallorca special, I remember good stories – about domestic violence with Nina, who later finds her lost daughter Toni. We had a very emotional goodbye to Anni, who ended up in a very emotional scene with tuner, where I had wet eyes in the decline. And of course, Gerner was certainly a highlight in the grave, which has given us good headlines.

Headings also do this on Friday's ongoing episode 6 666 – it is mainly about Sunny …

Sunny will play a central role. We know that Sunny helped his grandfather, Jo Gerner, defend himself against the character Keller. It then came to an accident, and Keller died. In addition, the study of Sunny failed and she has divorced Chris. In episode 6,666, Sunny will sink even further and experience a drug. Valentina Pahde, who plays Sunny, is a very positive person, and Sunny was also always there. Let's face it, Sunny has experienced a turbulent wedding. That she has a failed marriage behind her. That her love Chris was in danger because of her. That the two came together and lived together. And yet Sunny was always a sunshine. Now we tell a Sunny who is shaken a lot.

Sunny is at a turning point in her life. Will she survive = If yes, will she come back on track? Linked to this would be a good story of friendship – about real friendship and about wrong friends.

What will be the core topics in 2019?

Three keywords are all over the place: drama, friendship, love. Three weeks ago, we were at the Futures, so we have the rough stories for the next few months that have been considered. It's going to be a very big drama story next year. Things that currently seem different are 180 degrees. Many will not expect it. We tell a real surprise. We want to put the question of friendship in the foreground. Especially in WGs we have very nice threads – Shirin, Sunny, Lilly, Sophie, Toni. These are great characters and better together.

As for love, we are quick with Nina, who was beaten in 2018 by your (former husband).
This applies to Nina, but certainly to others. When I look at all the characters that are with us, I see others who deserve a great love.

There is speculation from the fans, the figure Toni can be lesbian.
Yes, it is not inevitable, because she once thought up a friend. Maybe this is a hidden clue? Toni has lived through domestic violence in the family. She must work on it.

But a love will certainly end.
Yes, the love of Jonas and Sophie will break. It's going to be sad. By the way, when the idea of ​​this story came up, this love was planned more like summer flirting. Sophie had divorced Leon, needed distraction. The story seemed much better when we expected. It then became a sore and affected story that imprisoned us more from week to week. It was incredibly fun.

How's Jonas going then?

Jonas used to be a Hallodri, a late-pubescent teenager. In recent months he has grown up a bit. Jonas will continue on this path. It also helps him continue to grow. In addition, important tasks of his family come to him.

Gisa Zach, someone knows her from "Block B", returns in February. She plays a Yvonne …
Yvonne is a physiotherapist and comes from the Ruhr area. She is a colorful figure of simple proportions that will make the show good. Yvonne likes to talk a lot and is always very direct. It goes to everyone alike. With this freshness she will turn her life to some of our signs on the head – both in terms of emotional and business. Relatively soon, in the second half of January, viewers will have a clue as to where we find Yvonne in our serial cosmos.

Jonas and Luis are the youngest characters at the moment. Need the new teens in the new year?
We are currently very strong with figures in the mid 20's. Our youngest group is Jonas, who is 21, and Luis, who is 17 years old.


Our writers have a birthday calendar with them. We try to tell these celebrations again and again. And the viewers watch it.


Damian Lott, producer "GZSZ" by UFA Serial Drama

Short questions: Do the signs of "GZSZ" have real birthdays? Because you know the age of the characters so well.

In fact, yes. Our writers have a birthday calendar with them. We try to tell these celebrations again and again. And the viewers watch it. Many years ago we once told Jo Gerner's birthday – and two years later. But then, three weeks earlier, because it was the way it went in history. It was noticeable to some of our fans.

Nothing beats attentive fans. Back to the kids, do you need new supplements?
If we look at our main target group, women over the age of 30, we are in a very good position. If we present young characters, they should be credible. We do not want to have a young character who is just "XY of …". Only an accessory is not good. Therefore, there is nothing planned for this time.

What about Jörg Schlönvoigt – Dr. Philip Höfer, who is currently not a doctor because of memory loss, took time again and again in 2018. Will there be more of him again in 2019?
Jörn was married in 2018 and became a father, so there is a desire to have more time for the family. Yes, in 2019 it's a very big story with Dr. Ing. Höfer. And you say it: he has lost his memory. We see if he can remember? And if so, what happens then?

Mind you, Philip stumbled across a pavement and fell …
They laugh because it's so banal. But this story is based on quite true facts. It was a case when someone crashed three steps deep and lost his memory. We have just examined this story for a long time and in good cooperation with our medical advisors.

Will it be another primetime special in 2019?
It's still open.

After the clubhouse, it was recently shining in new glory: Which set is being rebuilt now?
We had two major changes: "the brickwork" that burned down last year's New Year's Eve, and the "clubhouse". Both sets have been used extensively and belonged to our oldest motifs. Currently we are taking a break at this time. Minor renovations we take over again. But I guess the next conversion will probably affect one of the apartments.

Thanks for the interview!

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