Thierry Luther: His Year Without Johnny

adminNovember 28, 2018


The journalist will not take back the titles of the new album Johnny Hallyday in his concerts Thierry sings Johnny

If he has lived an amazing year played by the World Cup, the release of three of his books and his many scenes, Thierry Luther does not forget that this is the first year he spent in Knowing that his idol, Johnny Hallyday, is no longer out of this world . The strong demand of the concert Thierry sings Johnny and his show Thierry sings and tells Johnny keeps reminding him. "Since Johnny died, there has been a real increase in the number of requests for my concerts, and this year, for example, I'm on 55 dates, and I had to turn down someone when I commented on the World this summer," explains Thierry Luther . "The fans do not forget there's a lot of excitement on these shows, it's nice to hear from Johnny again and they've accepted my approach: sing Johnny as a fan from the beginning, but not like an appearance."

Do not expect, however, that Thierry Luther takes the titles of the new album Johnny Hallyday, my country is love. These are not part of his track list. "I take the big hits that people like, and some know them a little, but I do not want to sing Johnny's new titles," said Thierry Luther. He admits that he also has preferences. "I love singing Envy and Tennessee, and I was also very emotionally singing Les Portes du Penitentiary at the Théâtre de Poche in Charleroi, I had to stop crying so much emotion was important."

Thierry sings Johnny:

1/12/18: Folkehuset in Flémalle. Info and reservations at 0497 / 604.160.

On 8/12/18: Institut François d'Assise (Bouge). Info and reservations at 0491 / 717.719

15/12/18: Ciney Cultural Center. Info and reservations at 0475 / 959.535 or 083 / 216.565

Other dates can be found on the website:

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