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adminDecember 31, 2018

Andreea and Cabral became parents of a little girl in December after many years of waiting. The happy moment was also expected with the pleasure of the two fans, who wanted to know everything, from the girl's name to the little girl. After a long wait, they found out what the names of Andrea Ibacka and Cabral are.

The two are discreet about their family life, especially when it comes to the child. So the birthright was a real suspension, followed by equally interesting episodes of mystery about the name, and so what Andreea and Cabral's children looked like.

A bit more bold in terms of information than Cabral, Andreea revealed blog which is the name of the little girl and how it was chosen. Furthermore, for the pleasure of the admirers, the actor depicted the first picture with her and the little one.

Choosing a first name for our little girl has put a lot of pressure on the parents' shoulders. 🙂

And even though I felt from the beginning of pregnancy, how important is finding a name that defines it to deep old age (As proof we have started early searches), we came to know it (9 months later) and shout "the little girl". Or "Petunia" on the code name. (…)

That being said, the American, NAMIKO IBACKA is in the house starting this month.

Namiko, "wolf baby", a Japanese name.

Our beloved child who accidentally loved water from the first touch.

A rare name in our area that can surprise you at first instance. That's before he conquers you, as he did to us, "he explained Andreea Ibacka.

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