They celebrated lex Rodrguez and Jennifer Lopez at Christmas Mir!

adminDecember 26, 2018

Jennifer Lopez and lex Rodrguez they do not struggle to show each other's love and have recently done their best to show their skills as dancers in the Christmas party in the ex-baseball family where he had to knelt before his girlfriend, and although everything seems to have been part of the number De behaved on the dance floor, and many fans believe it was not necessary for her to recognize JLo's superiority as a dancer.

During the party, pair Also, singing songs that are typical of the parties, and the videos shared by the actor also showed how the flame of romance remains alive than ever. The relationship they have built, as she has explained, has given them the opportunity to be quieter about the way they are, without going through the pressure of compromising.

Everyone likes a good adventure. We all want to live the romantic comedy with a happy ending forever. All without exception. But the reality is that this is not a movie, it doesn't matter if they see us on Instagram or on television programs, he said. JLO in an interview with the USA Today newspaper.

As has been seen, El Anillo's interpreter has no problem with being a girlfriend for another time, and she has a clear vision of enjoying the beautiful relationship she has established with the former star of the New York Yankees. York, without rushing anything or forcing anything. We are happy We meet every day as it comes, and at the moment it has been amazing, he added and noted that one of the things that make her happier, sees the bond that A-Rod has established with his children Max and Emme; as the daughters of the fruit of their failed relationship with Cynthia Scurtis.

The actor and singer say that this year they have connected as a real family and for her at the moment it is more than enough. Last weekend, the clan agreed to welcome Christmas to their home. The famous couple decorate their home in the best navideo style with a large tree that needed a large staircase to complete it.

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