They beat fortune, now they are fighting in cages. Ionuţ and Dragoş Dolănescu have not been talking for 10 years

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The scandal of the brothers Ionuţ (46) and Dragoş Dolănescu (43) is not over. The two children of late singer Ion Dolanescu, who died on March 19, 2009 after a cardiopulmonary arrest, are far from reconciliation. They have not spoken at their father's funeral, and now, 10 years after their famous father has extinguished, they are preparing to make separate parastas.

The great son of the artist, Ionuţ Dolănescu, will be parastase March 19, so Dragos Dolănescu was forced to do so earlier one day on March 18. But Jonathan won't be alive when the resident status he holds in the US forces him to stay six months a year. When he leaves the sea with his family every year on October 1, he cannot return to the country before April. Then Jonath delegated his father's brothers, Constantine and Nicholas, to deal with all the details of alms. As for Dragoş Dolănescu, who became a deputy chairman of Costa Rica, her mother's mother, Margarita Valenciano, told him he would buy a plane ticket to be present at the parasas he wants to do.

Both parastas will be populated by Ion Dolanescus confessor Emil Cărămizaru, the parish priest of St. George's New Church, from 0km from the capital, where the two ceremonies will take place. Ionuţ and Dragoş share wine, cages and packs of fast food, as the dates of 18 and 19 March are set at Easter fast.

"I have already talked to Father Carmomaru and told him I will come to the country for my father's pump and prepare everything we need. I also know that Uncle Titi will make my brother March 19. I can't wait to get into the country to light a candle on my father's grave.In recent years I have been busy with the party and election in Costa Rica, and I have not been able to reach Romania in March, says Dragoş Dolanescu, who will also run the villa in Sinaia which he inherited, o after the success process, which ended in 2017.

Dragoş was chosen with the abandoned villa in Sinaia

Ionuţ Dolănescu and his younger brother Dragos fought for his father's wealth, the late popular music singer at the age of 65.

Although initially settled with notaries, immediately after his death, the two brothers came to court in their struggle for wealth. Ionuţ stayed with the villa from Caimatei, where the artist lived to death, valued at over 400,000 euros, and copyright, and Dragoş chose the villa in Sinaia for a value of 290,000 euros and several countries in Prahova, Dâmboviţa and Ilfov.

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