These women steal the show from Stefan Gubser in "Tatort"

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If the murder becomes a minor case: The replacement economics professor is in the current Lucerne crime scene (today at SRF 1 from 8:05 pm) for an unknown scourge that takes as much a page note as possible. In the center they are strong actresses.

In fact, the "crime scene" commissioner Stefan Gubser (61) is on a major cut-off tour, after 2019 expires his commitment to the popular crime film format. But already in the last Lucerne episode "The music dies last" by Dani Levy (61) he was a marginal figure. And in Andreas Senn (53) in "Eat or Die" (SRF 1, today, 8:05), others steal from him. In the Levy episode, it was the special one-take format and the KKL Lucerne as an exceptional venue. The current case, invented by screenwriter Jan Cronauer (39), is characterized by a special location. The industrial Anton Seematter (Roland Koch), who aims to be kidnapped, lives in the iconic mansion, which already received the film greeting in "Snow White" by Samir in 2005 and was built in 1964 – the architect was Bernhard Gerwer.

Revenge of the millionaire

Seematters wife Sofia, played by Katharina von Bock (50), and her daughter Leonie, played by Cecilia Steiner (29), are perfect for this cool home. When the kidnapper Mike Liebknecht (Misel Maticevic), a German family man who lost his job through a job cut from Seematter, shows up with a gun and seeks revenge on the millionaire, at present, only the two women are present – the mother in the living room , daughter in swimming pool. This is pace and coloring, and the audience with concern in the middle. "The swimming pool is important because it not only sees a kidnapper and his hostages, but also a dressed man with a half naked woman," says Steiner. "It gives him another potential danger. The audience knows that Liebknecht has collapsed because of the money, but Leonie has no idea. She gets into a person's physical violence and still shows no respect for him. This aspect has made it even more complicated for me. "The exact interpretation was only developed over time." It was then the unreasonable, self-righteous Leonie, who felt the most lively and convincing, "Steiner says.

The wealthy daughter

The actor, who completed her education at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern, describes the Seematter daughter as prosperous neglected. "Lack of love and time on the parent's side is offset by money. She has not learned to solve problems other than a credit card. She has maintained a childish admiration for her father and maintains a complex relationship with him while feeling superior to her. mother. "Her actress Katharina von Bock, whom many still know as Sabina from the TV series" Lüthi and Blanc ", says:" Sofia has always left a lot of space for her daughter, and in this strong family everyone also lives a bit for themselves It is not a black or white mindful, rich cliché family, and in my opinion mother and daughter have similarities in their actions, which can be empathy, but by no means emotional. "

Professor found crushed

When Anton Seematter finally appears, the events break naturally, partly because he is directly involved in the actual murder – Professor Leonie was found the plunge before. Which again calls the commander the duo on the plan, which also enters the hostage. But these are just loud noises in a remarkably good "crime scene" with two remarkably strong women and actors.

Kevin and Sissi – the couple

The movie "Kevin-Alone in New York" (l.) Had the highest ratings. In the third place is the drama "Sissi" (r.).

Family, celebrations and … watching TV! Holidays are also the time you can see without a guilty conscience in the pipe. Swisscom TV evaluated for SonntagsBlick which films had a particularly high quota between December 20 and 25.

A blonde rascal landed the double win: "Kevin – alone in New York" and "Kevin – at home alone" occupy the first and second place. The third most popular movie was "Sissi", followed by the comedy "Every year again – Christmas with Coopers". 5th place goes to "Sissi" again. Although Swisscom will not publish the exact number of viewers. But every movie in the top 5 has been broadcast in over 100,000 households, the telecom company said. Because you watch TV on Christmas time in a family, the number of spectators is probably much higher. Moritz Kaufmann

  1. Kevin – New York alone
  2. Kevin – At home alone
  3. Sissi
  4. Every year again – Christmas with Coopers
  5. Sissi, the young Empress
  6. Monsieur Claude and his daughters
  7. Bridget Jones baby
  8. Love Actually – Actual Love
  9. Sissi – Fateful Years With Empress
  10. Little big voice

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