These stars have been awarded to Queen Elizabeth II

adminDecember 29, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II again honored a thousand people for her social engagement on her famous New Year's list including many celebrities.

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The former supermodel Twiggy may, according to the published list, call "lady" in the future. The former Monty Python star and travel director Michael Palin receive the knight and can now have a "sir" before the name. Canadian author Margaret Atwood was also honored for her literature services.

Twiggy: The actor may be in the future Twiggy: The actor can call himself "lady" in the future. (Source: dpa)

The British Queen also praised seven rescue divers for her efforts to save the boy caught in a cave in Thailand this summer.

Each year, Queen Elizabeth II awards numerous awards for personal achievement and community engagement. This time, 1148 people were elected for the New Year's honors. Honorees can wear the title immediately after the publication of the list. Medals and awards are later given on several dates a year by members of the royal family in one of their homes.

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