These stars chose a life away from the limelight

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They played the biggest roles in blockbusters in Hollywood and were world famous. But then these stars chose a life away from the big stages and disappeared from the stage. These celebrities have said goodbye to showbiz. © spot on news

Her most famous projects were "The Grinch" and "Gossip Girl". She started her career on the big screen at the age of five in the "Alone Against the Future" series. But above all, the great notoriety through her role as Jenny Humphrey for the young actress seemed too much. In 2011, Taylor Momsen announces her career as an actress and has since focused on music.

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For ten years, Angus T. Jones has appeared as Jake Harper in "Two and Half Men". So suddenly a change of heart followed. Jones publicly referred to the series as "filth" and himself as a hypocrite, as he had been playing for years. His newly-practiced Christian faith as a seventh-day Adventist should have played a major role. He now studies in Colorado and just wants to tell strict biblical stories.

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As a pop star, he and his brothers Nick and Joe beat faster than "Jonas Brothers" teenage hearts. But the oldest of the three brothers decided in 2009 for a life away from the limelight. He married and is now the father of two daughters.

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Her career has been short and intense: Mara Wilson, then six years old on the side of Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doutbfire", and some years later as "Matilda", is most likely remembered. But at the age of 13 she was not in the mood for big Hollywood blockers, but still studied drama and theater in New York.

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Gene Hackman has worked as an actor for over 40 years. He has won four Golden Globes and two Oscars, and has appeared in such classics as "French Connection" and "Young Frankenstein". He completed his career in 2004 and has since written historical novels.

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As Joffrey Baratheon in the "Game of Thrones" series, actor Jack Gleeson became world famous. After three years, he went out and changed his career (currently) to study in Dublin. The long and exhausting days of shooting may have been too much for today's 26-year-olds. Whether one day he actually comes back to the film industry, is questionable.

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Rick Moranis gained world recognition through his roles in Ghostbusters, Spaceballs and Darling, in Shrunk Children. When his wife Anne Moranis died of cancer in 1991, he withdrew from the film production to take care of the two children. Today, the former actor is active as a musician.

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Already as a toddler, Olsen Twins appeared on television. They became known all over the world in the tender age of nine through their role as Michelle Elizabeth Tanner in "Full House" as they portrayed. After eight years it was over, followed by some more small appearances in various movies and TV shows. Meanwhile, the sisters are active in the fashion industry.

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In the 1990s, Freddie Prinze was Jr. one of the great youth stars, and played in "I know what you did this summer" and "like no one". Since 2002 he is married to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, takes care of the two children as housewife and works as a cook.

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Do you remember "Sherminator" from "American Pie"? For actor Chris Owen, it went downhill after the big success in 1999. He still seems sporadic, but he can only stay afloat with very small roles. In addition, he uses music and chefs in a sushi restaurant.

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For six years, Frankie Muniz played in the series "Malcom in the Middle". After retiring in 2006, he started a career as a racing driver and also traveled as a musician. In 2012, his health was defeated: Muniz suffered a minor blow, followed only a year later by the other. By further small attacks he has lost part of his memory and can only partially remember his time at "Malcom in the middle".

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Her first major role was Amanda Bynes in the comedy "Lies has short legs". The first starring role followed a year later in "What Girls Want". Then she made headlines through medicine and alcohol excess. At the end of 2018, she said she had been clean for four years, concentrating fully on her career as a fashion designer.

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