These luxury items take the candidates!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Jungle camp 2019 starts on January 11th. After RTL announced the participating celebrities on Thursday, it is now decided which luxury items will take them to the camp.

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There is really no trace of luxury in the jungle. The stars have to share with almost every expensive valuables and also vices, such as cigarettes. RTL has a little mercy then. As in any previous season, this year's participants can take two self-chosen parts to the camp.

Lipstick and face cream

Sibylle Rauch has chosen a pillow and her blankie, while Sandra puts Kiriasis on pareo and wipes. Doreen Dietel, on the other hand, chose face cream and a cozy toy. Gisele Oppermann cannot without a cozy toy as well. Her other object is a talisman.

Evelyn Burdecki obviously can't do without beauty. The former candidate takes a lipstick and face cream. Leila Lowfire, on the other hand, relies on facial oil and a pillow. Chris Töpperwien obviously wants to make a well-preserved impression in the jungle. Hair colors and hair gel are his two objects.

Tommi Piper chooses a neck pillow and a stick. In the meantime, Domenico de Cicco will preferably have a nursing pillow and a mousse with him. Bastian Yotta feels better with wipes and pillows. Apparently Peter Orloff wants to be active in sports. He takes dumbbells and a pillow in the TV show. Felix van Deventer is the only candidate who needs only one item. It's a popular classic: the pillow!

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