These artists have been disappointed in 2018

adminDecember 26, 2018

Justin Timberlake and Call of the Wild

The year started with a stroke: The fifth, highly anticipated studio album "Man of the Woods" by pop star Justin Timberlake (36) was released. Unfortunately, Justin was artistically guilty. And let's be honest: he didn't really take any of the boy's picture, which he prepared for the release, right? The followers gave him the receipt for this marketing deal: "Man of the Woods" made it the number one in the charts in Germany and the US, but is by far the lowest selling Timberlake album so far. His show didn't help half time with Superbowls either. On the contrary, full playback and constant jibing (also known as "choreography") made for blasphemy and ridicule and bored viewers.

The echo takes off

Finally we are in: the echo. The already widely criticized price is history. All attempts at improvement were just window dressing anyway. That it took the rapper Kollegah (34) and Farid Bang (32) and a full blown anti-Semitism scandal to persuade the creators of the price to bury this color is already significant. What the "new beginning" will look like, of which the federal government of the music industry has spoken in the statement to the end, so far nothing is known. But it will be interesting to see how the successor is registered.

Kanye West also gets away

Not even better was this sentence: "If you hear about 400 years of slavery, 400 years, then it sounds like a choice." So said about our favorite crosshead Kanye West (41, "Ye"). Well, that meant a feeling that he no longer does with his music. Although Kim Kardashian's husband (38, "Keeping up with the Kardashians") tried to relativize his statements, in later shows, he boxed confused theories and pro-Trump statements. In late October, finally, insight: "I deviate myself from politics and fully concentrate on being creative!" Let's hope …

Jasmin Wagner returns as a flower

Is the announcement that Jasmin Wagner (38) will return as a flower in 2019, now good or pretty bad? This is probably in the eye of the eye – and depends on the quality of the songs, which will be presented to us by the successful 90s artist. But one thing is clear: her techno sound, which hits hits like "heart to heart" or "boomerang", should get facelift so he doesn't seem so old. However, a clear flop is the singer's marketing campaign. The 38-year-old betrayed the "Bild" newspaper's intimate details of its first time. She had none other than Lucas Cordalis (51), who also made some statements about what happened: "I had never slept with a virgin before and was therefore very considerate." We loved each other many times, until the sun came out, "says Cordalis.

Yes? No? Maybe? Oasis Reunion seems to be excluded

For years there has been a constant back and forth: Is Noel Gallagher (51) and his brother Liam (46) finally reconciled? And is it an Oasis Reunion? This year seemed close enough to touch. In July, Liam asked her brother via Twitter to "reunite the great O". But he doesn't seem to be in the mood anymore. Noel told Mojo Magazine later this year: "Liam will do it for his ego – he never cares about the fans [Liam] would not have gone 25 times in his career if the fans had meant something to him. "With that, fans' expectations would eventually be gone or not?

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