These are the tips for fulfilling the New Year's resolutions list

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December 26, 2018 1:20
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December is the month for the balance sheet and January for the new targets. Starting the year with motivation to achieve the goals is simple, it is difficult to maintain that spirit for the rest of the months. Get more exercise, drink more water, buy a car, remodel, reduce stress or take a walk

Real goals
Psychologist Luis Avila, Head of Psychological Center Let's Talk, recommends setting concrete, objective and achievable goals. The feeling and optimism of the new beginning can make you feel that you are able to achieve something. "But you have to hit the goals always within the possible situations," he says.

María Alejandra Celis, motivational coach, also believes that New Year's resolutions should have three characteristics: motivational, possible, and detailed. "Ideally, they are aligned with your passion or life purpose. They must make you grow or improve from where you are now. It will be the fuel to achieve it."

Set a deadline
Another important aspect is to assign a specific time to meet the goals. Both specialists agree that a goal without a deadline is just a dream. Enter the targets with the expiration date, for example, "download 5 kilos for July 28, 2019" gives the character of the commitment to what you want to achieve.

Deadlines, in addition, must be assigned according to the complexity of the goal and lifestyle of each one. This detail must be taken into account, because you can suggest purposes that are similar to other people's lives than yours. This involves starting with an honest assessment of the current situation. "The goals also have ages," explains Ávila. "What you want to achieve at 20 is not the same as at 50."

Monthly review
To achieve what you propose, consider your goals at the end of each month. This tracking will make you more aware of the progress. "By writing the evaluation and paper goals, you can visualize what you want. Otherwise, they will only be abstract ideas. It is the first step to take our goal from the idea plan and taking action," Celis explains.

From lower to higher complexity
The goals must be arranged on the list in a gradual manner, from smaller to more complex. According to Ávila, it helps with the purpose of pushing the other. "When you achieve the simplest, you will maintain the motivation to achieve the next," he says.

Have a life purpose
According to Ávila, people usually do not have a life project culture, and this makes them feel misleading about where they are going. In such cases, Celis proposes to undergo the deepest motivations: What makes you happy and what is your life's purpose.

Multiple goals
The specialists agree that the list of goals should be organized according to the areas of life. People must set academic, economic, social, health and spiritual goals. Always "concrete, objective and achievable" with a time of execution. Avila recommends that people increase one or two ideal goals a year, which awakens their imagination and creativity.

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