These are the predictions of Mhoni Seer for celebrities

adminDecember 31, 2018

Mexico. – One day after the beginning of 2019, Mhoni Vidente shared what it holds for some of the most important celebrities of the moment in this new cycle. He said to expect this year both in energy and working conditions.

"This year is going to be this year, because the card 19 Tarotes Sun and means reconciliation of God with man. It will be a year of the most basic colors, yellow and red, but above all economic because the sun dominates everything that is yellow, Like money and gold, it will be small but safe investment. "

Mhoni explained that there will be three signs that will dominate this year, both in health and money, weather, Leo and Capricorn.

"It is a year of pure energy, light, something new, we are entering a new era. I had already commented that until November 27, 2018, we will have 13 years of abundance for Mexico. It will be a renewal of thought , culture and economic, we have reached the bottom, and now it's time to get up. "


Mexico wins Oscar again with Alfonso Cuarón for foreign film, he will receive three of these awards throughout his life. Unfortunately, he differs from his wife Sheherazade Goldsmith, remember that when something very good comes next, something bad comes, it's a spiritual law.


She wants to make another movie and a foreign series. I don't see him win any kind of prize, but ROMA will continue to take her to very important events. Yalitza will continue to shine, because we Mexicans are setting trends all over the world, regardless of skin color, how you look or where you come from.


He was born on April 19, so he put him on the sun. He becomes a father again, and it will be with one of the Koreans who is in his twenties; He always wants it because he is looking for a family. He raises his career again, wins prizes, takes out an unpublished album that will work really well and covers all his debts because it's his year.


They will never pay him what he requires compensation from the Mexican government. She will continue to be questioned about the incident with El Chapo Guzmán, I see that she is called to testify at the New York trial to find out why she is not reporting to the police where El Chapo is. His series about the drug will not go, because Emma Coronel has the rights. It will have a complicated year.


With that, you realize that the heart is the foundation of life, the purest feelings are love, faith and hope, when you keep them, they are almost never sick. She recovers, remember that with an operation to place a new valve or pacemaker, they give you about 20 years in life, because they leave your heart well.


She is already in something else with Tommy Mottola, because they are 24 years of age and 18 years of marriage, then Thalia is already in that stage, with her 47 years, falling in love again, feeling a little more alive, Think I believe that you will fall in love with another person, or you are already, and you will be good with your husband, because it will be a marriage for convenience.


After your relationship with Luis Miguel is no longer the same, has gone with one person and another, this is where you realize the energy the Sun has; But in the end, I see her in love with 2019, because she wants a stronger relationship, it will be with someone younger, about three or four years. He doesn't want more children.


I don't think he's kidnapped, Sarita takes good care of him, and he gives him quality of life. Yes, I see that your pancreatic cancer situation is very complicated, so you have died of respiratory arrest for February or March, now it's not a problem to want to see it, but the legacy. Sarita will be everything.


The series of his life comes out in April, but that may be what happened to Juan Gabriel, who takes his series and goes away. The people under the age of 35 are not interested in Silvia Pinal because they do not know her, which is why they have taken so long to release the series, they must have a very little caught audience. They must do several series for the youth.


Figures like Manuel El Loco Valdés, Xavier López Chabelo, to name a few, which are icons of the artistic environment, which are already in a disease situation and many years, almost everyone goes over 70 years, I see them delicately of great health part of the year and some go away. I send blessings to all of them.

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