These 18 top series will be published in 2019

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You can look forward to these 18 series hits in 2019 – to anyone for the last time

If you spent too much time streaming in 2018, we have bad news for you: this year will be no better for you. Just what the "GoT" sheep meat transmitter HBO raushaut on high-profile series will impress you in days on display.

therefore: Read more at your own risk! Haha.

These series are finalized

"Black Mirror", season 5

Can you believe it? Netflix actually dropped us in 2018 and did not release a new season with Black Mirror. After all, they surprised us with the interactive film "Bandersnatch". It's a little comforting. For 2019, however, Netflix has promised us a new season – just wonder when.

"Big Little Lies", season 2

In fact, the black comedy was only planned as a mini-series when she saw the light of day in 2017. But as so often has the huge audience's enthusiasm ensured that this project was thrown overboard. HBO donates seven new episodes. Only at the start date is the drive – as so often – still secret.

Meryl Streep is new to the cast, as the first mini-teaser reveals:

"Babylon Berlin", season 3

"Babylon Berlin" is currently probably the best German show series. Because even though the American press praises a German production in the highest tones, it does matter. Therefore, Sky ordered two new seasons. It's already filmed, but the third season will continue until the end of the year.

"American Gods", Season 2

Is it really nearly two years since "American God" was released? Actual! The series, which has flashed us a lot with its visual style, has become quite quiet lately. The more beautiful to hear that it finally goes on – March 10th.

"True Detective", Season 3

Someone else expected it to be another season of "True Detective"?

It continues with the series on January 13th. Yey! Mahershala Ali, who has a nice race in Hollywood at the moment, takes over the lead this time. This time it's about two missing children in the highlands of Ozark.

Mahershala Ali won only a Golden Globe:

"Stranger Things", season 3

Netflix 2018 has left us again with its second flagship series. Not even an interactive movie was in it. Well, July 4th, it should finally go on. And who knows – maybe it will be an interactive movie at the end of the year.

We must say goodbye to these hit series

"Play of Thrones", season 8

In 2017, HBO played pretty much with the feelings of "GoT" fans. First, the news that season 8 is the last and then that she should not appear in 2018. Well, after nearly two years of grief, it finally continues in April 2019. When exactly? If only HBO would tell us! Probably around April 20th.

"Homeland", season 8

Evil speeches can claim that Homeland has long passed its zenith. Maybe. But if you look good, you will probably forget a tear when the last season starts in June 2019.

"Mr Robot", season 4

Image: Amazon Prime Video

Rami Malek is one of the big guys in Hollywood after being portrayed as Freddie Mercury. And as Benedict Cumberbatch taught us, such actors have little time left for old serial projects. Therefore, it is certainly not wrong when "Mr Robot" comes to an end – fortunately planned. When exactly the last 12 episodes will be published, it's still unclear.

"Orange is the new variety", season 7

It's almost the end of a time when, after "House of Cards", the second major series from Netflix's early days finally comes as a production studio. However, the streaming service will not completely abstain from the prisoners: A spin-off is already in the works. Before that, the last season is expected to be released in July.

"Jane the Virgin", season 5

Somehow the series sounds like a cheap soap opera – but a critical cut of 100 percent on "Rotten Tomatoes" is quite impressive.

Wow. Image: Screenshots Rat Tomatoes

Sorry, there is no use – after season five are over. But that's exactly what the serial designer supposedly wanted. So at least there is no open end when season five comes out in March.

"Sweep", season 7

With "Veep", HBO will retire another of its popular series in 2019. The political satire, still an insider tip in this country, comes to a scheduled end with season seven. According to leading actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she wants to finish the series before she starts repeating.

These new series will convince you

"Umbrella Academy"

After Marvel and DC are no longer available on Netflix, Dark Horse has found a comic publisher for several superhero customizations. The "Umbrella Academy" is the first result of this new collaboration. It's about a billionaire who adopts seven children with special abilities and trains them as superheroes. Let's start on February 15th.


After director Zack Snyder had broken the movie version of "Watchmen" in 2009 – according to many fans – HBO is now trying a series. The fact that the complex drug with a series has more space for development should certainly delight many distraught fans. And when does it begin exactly? Haha, if HBO just wanted to tell us that.

"The Witcher"

Excerpts from the screen test that Henry Cavill wrote on Twitter. Image: Netflix

Netflix has secured the series rights to one of the most popular fantasy boards in recent years. The series will not be based on the game adaptation, but on the novel. In "The Witcher" we see ex-superman Henry Cavill as the eponymous hero. He moves around to fight evil creatures. The 2019 series is confirmed – but not exactly when.

"Good Omens"

Who loves Terry Pratchett, should now sit up and hear. The series is based on the novel "A Good Omen", which the cult author wrote with Neil Gaiman. The black comedy is about the birth of the Antichrist and his education, which is not exactly what hell imagines.


The first official promo image for the series. Photo: Disney

In the spring, Disney starts its own streaming service "Disney +". Initially, one of the two planned "Star Wars" series will be available. "Mandalorian" plays between episodes six and seven and deals with the people, including Boba Fett. Particularly interesting is what character the German cult director and actor Werner Herzog will portray in the series.

«Untitled Star Trek Series»

Not even a title has the new Star Trek series, which will bring back the popular character Jean-Luc Picard. What really pleases the fans: Patrick Steward plays the role himself. By the end of 2019 it should be clear – until then it will probably be a matching title.

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Talking about superheroes: Snails are the superheroes of nature:

More from the movie and serial world:

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