There is a battle with "corn" in the long awaited films!

adminDecember 27, 2018

Organized Works 2: Carp Helix and Karakomic movies The bad news for the long-awaited films in 2019 comes slowly. Filmmakers and filmmakers live in a corn camp Cem Yılmaz It was.

Cem Yilmaz, Sahan Gokbakar and Yilmaz Erdogan have a ceremony with the salon operators!

2019 years, which is one of the long-awaited important national productions Organized Works 2: Carp Spiral The vision of the film was recently postponed indefinitely.

There is no explanation for the subject today Cem Yılmaz Via Twitter account The Karakomik Movies shared a post that announced its end to shooting. The master candidate who did not announce the story of the vision referred to film boycott.

The result of a discussion between filmmakers and salon operators Organized Works 2: Carp Spiral when it turns out that his film was taken from the vision, See Cems full profile he supported them.

Explains that his film is impatiently waiting for the day Yilmaz, When asked about the vision date, commute nearest cinema He advised them to ask.

Whether the process will grow up is not known for now, if a deal cannot be reached this season, the filmmakers decided to take the movies forward. This is among the manufacturers BKM, NuLook, TAFFIf the agreement is not agreed Organized Works 2: Carp Helix and Black Funny FilmsPlus Recep İvedik 6, Miracle 2: Love and Çiçero In important domestic productions that cannot be met with the audience.

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