"There are many unfair people with Manel" – The Television

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Rui Oliveira was defending his husband, Manuel Luís Goucha, after all the news that has been published about the presenter. The new star in TVI believes that "it is natural in this environment", it is criticism, but considers that sometimes "there are many people who are unfair to Manel".

Delivered to the arms of Manuel Luís Goucha two decades ago, Rui Oliveira is one of the ideal people to talk about the presenter. For this reason, it came to the audience to defend the man about everything that has been spoken about him in recent days, and also the relationship he has with his former comrades by profession.

"There are many people unfair to Manel, and it is important to say that he is always very generous to all his partners in the presentation, whether they are co-lecturers or assistants," said Rui Oliveira in an interview with the TV Mais magazine. case of Sonia Araújo. He always gave himself and continues to give in to her. We are friends, "he said.

About Cristina Ferreira, he says, it is "the same". "Regardless of any less pleasant situations, they have never been people to create work problems." Rui Oliveira also assumes that the man "has a small paternal side" in which respects colleagues, but it gives them "space". "It was so with Teresa, Julia and all the others," and Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Goucha's new colleague in the lead of TVI's "Você na TV" also says.

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