There are couples who have resisted since August – the television

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Recorded in August, First dates ended by the decision of the program control of TVI and only saw the light of discharges by debut of The Love Cart.

There were only 5 days of recording and a total of 50 couples, who set out to have a meeting with a stranger. There are a few minutes of conversation on a restaurant table that for some has resulted in a serious relationship that survives to this day.

"As far as I know, there are couples who have met on the show and are still together. But that was all! There were dates that didn't go well from the start, there were some who only stayed at the first meeting and that was the one that ended, but they were finished, the presenter says TV Guide.

For Ruben Rua, master bar belt, these projects are increasingly important in television. "It is increasingly difficult to have a serious and stable relationship. Therefore, people go to other platforms, such as digital, for example. People think that if they can't find anyone else in their day, they can find their face half."

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