Then the jungle rages the audience

adminJanuary 10, 2019

On Friday, the 13th season starts off "I'm a star – get me out of here!" at RTL. Just in time for the start, a photo reporter who followed the last seasons on the spot, speaks out of the sewing box and covers some of them well-kept secrets reality is broadcast.

Waterfalls and rocks are fake

The camp environment, which looks like a real jungle, is therefore false. The waterfall should even be turned off at night to save water and the rocks around the camp are not made of stone, but made of fiberglass, thus forming camouflage for many cameras. And also the lake, where the participants like to bathe, is not quite real; According to the reporter, the lake smelled suspiciously of chlorine in 2008 when he first arrived.

And as secluded as the camp is always portrayed, it's apparently not. Just a few meters away, the production group has set up containers as offices. The employees also distribute finely chopped wood around the camp, which the candidates can "find" in their search for fuel.

Everything is so wild

The image staff reveals even more: The toilet, which has already described some candidates as beastly stinking, has a shaft under the seat, the contents are emptied again and again. And last but not least: For the jungle exams, the stars do not need to happen in the forest forever, even if it looks like it on TV. They are – as fit celebrities – driven by the jeep.

By the way, this incredibly famous celebrity runs into the not so bad jungle year this year:

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