The young woman who stole celebrities camera on the Golden Globe red carpet

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The 76th edition of Golden GlobesBeing held last night in Los Angeles, California, was full of stars paraded through the red carpet, which had its best clothes to look in front of the cameras, but there were some who stole the eyes of social network users. It's about the young aide-de-camp who was responsible for delivering water to celebrities.

Although her name is unknown until now, the young woman is already known as "The Water Girl of Fiji", for the brand of drinks that he delivered to celebrities like the parade on the red carpet.

Some just mention it as "The Water Girl".

And that girl was placed in a strategic location, it is unknown whether it was intentional or not, but the situation is appears in most photos of celebrities.

First, no one had realized that the model was the most photographed, because she just did her job.

But on social networks, they began to talk about the young woman who appeared in several photographs with a tray full of water bottles by the "Fiji" brand. So take advantage of the location, and he didn't hesitate to look at the camera at the moment as several famous people smiled to be photographed, among them Jim Carrey

The image of the young woman went viral on social networks.

"Definitely @ FIJIWater must quintuplicate the salary of this young lady, she is the winner of the night, this is called taking, setting the attitude and commitment to work," said Silvia Paez on Twitter.

"Fiji water girl at #GoldenGlobes gets attention online", He highlighted the MuseBuffMedia account.

"The Fiji maid came here to earn #goldenglobes," she wrote the TechMuzz account.

The users of the nights have qualified as the big winner at night by the Golden Globes.

"The @FIJIWater the real winner #GoldenGlobes," Aleks Hawthome posted. "

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