The WWE "Hall of Fame", Jim Duggan, hospitalized in South Carolina.

adminNovember 23, 2018

Jim Duggan, star of the World Fighting Entertainment Hall of Fame, spent Thanksgiving in an intensive care unit in South Carolina, according to an Instagram publication of his family.

The message did not specify why Duggan was admitted to the hospital, but he followed up with a tweet saying: "Do it well, I hope to be out on Saturday".

Duggan, who lives in the city of Lugoff, S.C. from Kershaw County, he added that a show would probably be missing Saturday in South Carolina.

His daughter, Celia Duggan, posted on Instagram that the wrestler was surrounded by relatives in the ICU and was in a good mood. "We have a lot to thank for this year," said the post.

She did not give him a location for the hospital.

The bleach report says Duggan, 64, is currently fighting on the independent circuit and won the Armageddon Expo Cup at Impact Pro Wrestling in June.

He joined WWE in 1987 after leaving the Atlanta Falcons, according to, and was a fan favorite in the early 1990s, battling bigs such as Andre the Giant, Nikolai Volkoff and Bam Bam Biegelow. .

Duggan fought for World Championship Wrestling in 1994, then rejoined WWE part-time in 2005, according to Online World of Wrestling.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, says

Duggan was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1998, but he got over it and returned to the ring, says

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