The Wollnys: The Great Fight

adminJanuary 9, 2019

With the Wollny family, it tastes huge! Guilt is daughter Lavinia, 18 – where Mama Silvia Wollny, 53, must speak a power word. Is the extended family breakdown now?

Can Silvia Wollny report between her daughters?

For six months, the Wollny family lives in Ratheim. Although a former restaurant was completely remodeled for the extended family, there is not enough room for all the children. Sylvana, Flo and daughter Celina live a few streets away. In addition, they recently added sister Lavinia. Was it a big mistake? The scrapes flow heavily between the sisters. The reason: Lavinia is apparently too messy.

This is how it works no way go to

judges Sylvana i RTL2Series "The Wollnys – a very large family". For daughter Celina alone, it should be clean in the shared apartment. Can Mama Silvia as head of the family clarify the situation or breaks the harmony of the family Final?

Even more Zoff at Wollny

Not only did WG Streit perform the great squad. Silvia grabs granddaughter Celina and will spend a fun day in the pool with her. A no-go for Mama Sylvana.

Why am I not informed? Don't go to the pool without me,

grunts the big daughter. "I'll make a big rebellion here!", Oh me, Mama Mivlia can But listen to something! And there are even more problems for Wollny … The whole episode starts at 20:15 RTL2,

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