The Witcher Showrunner from Netflix shares a new image on the set

adminOctober 31, 2018

We are seeing some pretty good things from the camp of the next Netflix series. The Wizard. In addition to the long glimpse we got from the star Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt of Rivia, the host Lauren Hissrich has just provided a new image on Instagram that gives us a good idea of ​​what the set looks like.

The Wizard

Now the photo is a bit blurry; and it seems that it is taken just when the sun sets. But we can still glimpse some minor details of the image, which you can see here and below.

In the picture, Hissrich shares a small declaration of love when working on the program, noting: "Sunset on the stage" next to a heart symbol and a horse symbol. And you can see that many people are still working hard, with a trailer in the middle of all this and other small things. Again, blurry, but things seem to be quite active with the shooting.

A couple of users left some notes on the photo, including the morning gossip, who were wondering if the filming is taking place in Hungary. (Actually, based on a previous report, the program is mainly done in Eastern Europe and Poland, but guess what?) A user with the name of ingoaaron has nothing but love for the shot, saying: "That's so incredible and beautiful, I wish I could have been on the set. " For the most part, the comments have been quite positive.

And bearing in mind that the production of the program is still in full development, it would not be a surprise if Hissrich shared even more details, though obviously not enough to reveal some of the history. She is careful with what she shares on social networks, especially considering that she had to leave Twitter at a given time due to problems with the casting of the program, a problem that has been resolved thanks to a powerful agency on board.

You can also find other photos in Hissrich's Instagram feed, which includes a brief look at a marker for a scene that is about to be shot, as well as Cavill hanging in front of a trailer. Hopefully we'll see more clues of what's going on behind the scenes … but, again, without spoilers. Fingers crossed!

The Wizard it does not currently have a release date, but it is expected to make its Netflix debut in late 2019.

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