The widow of Martín Elías talked about the singer's faithfulness |

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Dayana Jaimes and Martín Elías

Dayana Jaimes, the wife of the late Vallenato singer, Martín Elías, was questioned by the artist's fidelity and humor reacted.

The widow is usually very active in social networks, and in the question game on Instagram, the followers began to question her, she made public answers.

"Was Martin a woman or was he more judgmental than Dad?", a user asked.

"He came out more sensibly and from time to time his little dog on the air"black widow. it & # 39; Canitas al aire & # 39; They took them as adultery of the artist.

But that was not all, the woman said that if it was God's will, she is willing to fall in love again, she operated on the nose and gave details of her daughter's relationship with Martin's family.

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