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adminNovember 22, 2018

2,000 dogs came to compete, but it was Whiskey the Whippet who took home Best in Show at the 17th Annual National Dog Show presented by Purina. We have details about the winner.

Big shot! After 2,000 dogs with 192 breeds were reduced in competition, Whiskey was the Whippet who became the Best in Show at the 17th Annual National Dog Show presented by Purina. The puppy impressed the judges and took over the 2017 champion, Newton, the Brussels Griffon, as champion of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia in 2018. Whiskey is currently the highest ranking dog in the country, so winning Best in Show was his next natural step. His owner said that he was an ideal example of how a Whippet should be, and that he was born and raised in his home. Whiskey even sleeps in your bed! Awww.

It was a pretty tough competition. First, the races in each of the seven groups were reduced to a champion who would compete for Best in Show. An adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel represented the Toy Group, while Whiskey led the Hound Group. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi became the best dog of the Herding Group. A Doberman Pinscher from Argentina won the Working Group, while the Wire Fox Terrier took home top honors in the Terrier Group. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever won the Sporting Group and the Lhasa Apso won the Non-Sporting Group. Fortunately, there are many adorable puppies that compete to be the best dog.

Every year, there is always a public favorite that steals the hearts of the public that comes to watch the show at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. Last year it was Babe, the French Bulldog of the non-sporting group, which had the crowd on its side and in 2018 it was the dog of the state of Maryland, the retriever of the Chesapeake Bay. The lovely little white and tan Corgi also received tons of love and applause from the audience.

This year two new races were introduced in the contest. The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje will arrive in the ring for the first time. According to the American Kennel Club, the Griffon is a "hunting dog known for its sweet and hairy appearance and its impressive resistance." The Kooikerhondje is "a calm and friendly dog ​​inside the house and a nimble dog and alive in the open air". the year the broadcast reached its best numbers, with more than 16 million people choosing puppies instead of NFL games as they prepared their Thanksgiving parties.

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