The Walking Dead, summary, season 9, episode 2: "The bridge"

adminOctober 15, 2018

Photo: Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

At the beginning of tonight's episode, Zeke tells Henry to be proud of the work he has done, that one day, the boy will give his grandchildren the story of this infrastructure project. Henry is skeptical: "I'm not going to bore my grandchildren by telling them a story about a bridge." We hear you boy. But to be fair, for an episode about a construction site, there's a lot of drama: Justin from the Sanctuary makes everyone angry, Enid enters the school of post-apocalyptic medicine, Maggie faces her assassination attempt, the Saviors are disappearing and the Things become unexpectedly bloody (and horny!).

We start with Rick talking to an unidentified person, although anyone who has seen a single commercial for this season knows that he is talking to Negan (Holy Spoiler Alert Failure, AMC). It's day 35 of the bridge construction, says Rick, and he's pleased with the progress they've made, despite the fact that some pretty bad things fell. In a typically subtle style, a sign in your field of work points to "The future." Oy Rick talks about how they are building …growing … something about dealing with the world on your terms, but not letting it tell its truth or something like babbling. Yes, old Rick was a cop, but the new Rick has a future in the self-help circuit.

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