The Walking Dead Season 9: Episode 9, When Will Return Of The Series?

adminNovember 26, 2018

Warning, this article contains spoilers. There is no doubt that it is a real innovation that affects The Walking Dead since the beginning of the season 9 and especially since the departure of his star, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). Advertisement as a true reboot of the series, this new chapter led by Angela Kang held all his promises. Last night, AMC launched episode 8 of this season 9 of The Walking Dead, and again we were seduced! In this mid season, Our heroes have finally discovered the existence of whispers. A special bloody encounter since it resulted in the death of Jesus and the total shock of Daryl, Aaron, Michonne and Co.

When is the return of the series?
When is the return of the series?

The thrill was top at the end of the mid-season finals of Season 9 of The Walking Dead! If the fate of Jesus lasts, the other survivors must meet with Whisperers, and this new group will give them a hard time. As we know, victims are probably many in the intrigues to come after Carl and Rick, we are not really ready to say goodbye to new characters. We must, however, and unfortunately we have to wait several months before returning the zombie series. This is next February 10th Episode 9 in this season 9 of The Walking Dead will be sent to your diaries!

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