The Walking Dead – New teaser shows the cruel bad guys

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The second half of season 9 by The Walking Dead is in the starting blocks. Afterwards, a new teaser trailer shows the new bad guys in the series, namely Whisperers.

Attention, Spoiler for Season 9 of The Walking Dead: Walking Dead is still in season break, but the excitement of the second part of season 9 continues. Finally, there was one surprising time warp lots of fresh wind. Above all, the coming bad guys discover the interests of The Walking Dead fans. The so called Whisperers are unusual opponentsin Season 9 mid season final had his long-awaited first appearance. This dangerous grouping Disguise yourself as a walkerto move unnoticed between them. They are led by cruel alpha, A recently released teaser trailer now shows several of Whisperers, Comic Book reports.

This is shown by the new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead

Teaser again shows the perfect approach to Whisperer. From the back we see at the first glance four pieces, which stumble through a forest. But then someone swings around, and it becomes clear that they are not zombies, but whisper. This grouping has been shown tinkered dead biting mask, An effective way to get close to other people and kill them in the back. Threats are discussed among fans, but above all, who is under the mask.

Most likely it seems beta can be seen. The character played by Ryan Hurst is next alpha (Samantha Morton) one of the most famous Whisperers and has not appeared in season 9 yet. Of course, it can also be a random sign that only searches the forest area. Some believe, however, that it is under the mask Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), hiding in disguise with Whisperers.

Whisperers brings a breath of fresh air to The Walking Dead

Rosita actor Christian Serratos also looks forward to Whisperer. In an interview at Walker Stalkers Con in Atlanta, she told the cartoon that the second part of season 9 has a brand new tone and trump past seasons is.

I think, especially with Angela [Kang] As our new showrunner, we have a fresh new female perspective on the show. All women are really portrayed in a great way this season. It gives the series one brand new touch […],

It promises a lot for the second half of the 9th season of The Walking Dead. The remaining eight episodes are from the US 02/10/2019 broadcast. In Germany you can follow the episodes as usual one day later at FOX and via Sky see. As a reconciliation we have gathered you how it could continue,

Looking forward to Whisperers in Season 9 of The Walking Dead?

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