The Walking Dead: Everything we already know about the second part of the season 9

adminNovember 28, 2018

We are full of revelations, while the series continues to break for long weeks.

It is a well-established tradition, for almost a decade. Season 9 of The Walking Dead is cut in half and after episode 8, the zombie series is paused for several weeks. She will return early in 2019, with the other part. So what are waiting for us in these 8 new episodes? Attention Spoiler!

The Walking Dead, Season 9: It is (spoiler) who decided to leave

It (almost) announced the date

In the trailer that announced the sequel, broadcast in the wake of the "mid-season finals", the American AMC channel revealed that The Walking Dead will continue in February 2019. This means – if we take into account previous years – is the return of the season 9 Sunday 10 or Sunday, 17 February 2019, or by 24 February.

Go straight back to the cemetery

When we left Michonne, Aaron and Co., they were caught in the dark cemetery where Jesus died. "We will resume things very quickly where we lived ", leaves showrunner Angela Kang in EW. "Our characters will be there and of course they must fight."Because of the above trailer we see that they are able to survive alive, with a hostage bonus."But they will make another strange and shocking discovery along the way during the episode. And the story will run from there. "

Negan in freedom

"We'll see exactly what's happening to the Negan now that he's out of his cell"continues Kang. Showrunner adds that manager to Saviors "has earned his time and he has gone out in the world, there are some very cool things waiting Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in the next episode, in the main story of Whisperers … " The bad guy on the bat will probably give a hand to overcome his dangerous fools. But who can accept that he's actually released after just 6 or 7 years in prison?

The wandering dead season 9 michonne X

The revelation of X

One of the most important mysteries planted in recent weeks concerns these X, engraved on the skin of Michonne and Daryl. Arr in the lower back, which clearly tells us that it happened terrible and striking (that's the case), during post-rick temporal ellipse. "We will certainly tell the story of what happened at that time. And it's cool with a 6 year jump on time, that we now have the opportunity to go back and tell some of these stories. There will be an emotional story for Michonne and Daryl. So I'm happy people discover it. There will be something that surely will have had a deep and special effect on Michonne. So that's something we want to tell people. "

Tara the boss

Maggie's gone. Jesus is dead. So, in the commando pyramid at Hilltop, she is logically supposed to take things in her hand: "Yes, we want to see that Tara must play a leading role. She already did many things, because in many ways Jesus did not want to be the leader of Hilltop. He did not like bureaucracy. There was someone who wanted to live in the world. And if he liked Hilltop much, he was an absent leader. Tara has done many things every day … " She becomes the boss and it will not change much for her.

Walking Dead 909 trailer

Whisperer's world

The new villains of The Walking Dead Promotes now uncovered. But who are these Whisperers and what do they want? "We really need to get into the Whisperer philosophy, as they do, it's not really a group that speaks a lot, it's a group that works, they hold on to what they believe in for frightening purposes so this is a very interesting time for our characters, which must come up against a group that does not think or behave like any other group we've seen before. Put a mask on your face and go around with zombies … They are very special people. " Furthermore, Angela Kang reminds of it Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst will be in place to play Alpha and Beta.

No Oceanside in sight

Cindy and her friends hit hard during the first episodes of this season 9, shouting them quietly and missing the Saviors who had stumped their husbands and children a few years earlier. Since post-Rick jump on time, Oceanside women have not come back. But they are still there since Henry has talked to his comrades at Hilltop. That said, we will not see them anytime soon: "I do not know! Oceanside is always here. It is all these communities that are now isolated. We have not said much about Oceanside yet … but maybe one day. "

The general theme of the second part

If the first chapter showed life after negation and redesigned by a civilization, what are the next eight episodes about? "We are now in Whisperer's world, a world with a certain philosophy, and this philosophy is really contrary to our group, which has tried to reconstruct something close to civilization. It's really a theme we explore the whole season, piece by piece. "

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