The Walking Dead: A season 10 already in preparation?

adminNovember 28, 2018

Season 9 of Walking Dead will take a long break. Production can already work next season!

Season 9 of The Walking Dead will not come back for months in the United States. AMC and showrunners could already have a season 10! Attention, the article contains spoilers!

The Walking Dead: Season 9 has caught up!

Beginning of season 9 of The Walking Dead did not start very well in the United States. The Zombies series has lost many fans. This is mainly because Andrew Lincoln has announced his departure. Rick said goodbye a few weeks ago, and fans can find him in three movies. Angela Kang, looks forward to the new show runner of the series to have managed to hold on to the hearings!

Everyone thought that it could not be The Walking Dead without his star character. Nevertheless, Angela Kang seems to have shown the opposite. itA showrunner finally introduced Whisperers and the midfielder episode convinced the fans. Daryl, Michonne and Carol are more exciting than ever, and there are many mysteries around these characters!

The Walking Dead: A season 10 already in preparation!

The walkers of The Walking Dead must be patient before they find the rest of the episodes. It seems that the series still has good days in front of her. Angela Kang has many ideas for following the characters' adventures. She plans to stop by season 9 and the series can be renewed very soon!

"I'm already working on season 10. I'm trying to project myself and this week, with my main authors, we'll talk about some things just to get things started." Appointed showrunner in ComicBook.

This seems like good news for fans of the show. The CMA chain does not seem to fear the downturn in the audience. The Walking Dead still as good in the United States, and this is one of the most sought after performances!

Season 9 of The Walking Dead Will not return to February 2019 to the United States.