The voice summary: season 15, episode 5

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Finally it happened, guys. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton finally dropped the veil of animosity they have held for so many years to show the supportive bromance that lurks beneath. Adam has not only stopped competing for the country's artists out of respect for his favorite show, but he becomes a great team to cheer on Blake as he tries to leave for the most promising contestant of the night.

We're going to take it from the top of the new crop, okay?

OneUp (35 – Manhattan, NY)
"It could be that I'm falling in love" with The Spinners

So far, the duos have not been able to reach the finish line in The voiceBut if you know how to harmonize and deliver a song well enough, peers like this can at least offer a new kind of entertainment factor to the show. OneUp, a couple whose partnership also extends to the romance department, does more than simply coordinate their dance moves. They also harmonize quite well and seem to know which one should sound with a bold note to mix it. Jerome says he has the lock on the falsetto, but Adam also slips into a few big, strong notes. It is possible that both have to solve some launch problems to be really competitive, but, as indicated by the happy tears of coach Kelly Clarkson, have an infectious and positive energy that could easily make a difference in the favor factor of the public. Who does not love a good love story?

Team: Kelly Clarkson.

Natalie brady (33 – Nashville, TN)
"Barracuda" by Corazón

No season of The Voice is complete without at least one female rocker, and it seems that Natalie Brady is ready to occupy that space. His interpretation of this song is as much in the nose as it could be without Ann Wilson herself taking the stage, which means that, of course, Adam Levine is all-inclusive from the first verse. Their selection of songs here is obviously a choice for their deep metallic tones, but as long as I can draw the same kind of gold discs that kept Chloe Kohanski interesting week by week, it can go a long way.

Team: Adam Levine.

Hannah Blaylock (31 – Nimrod, AK)
"Baby, now that I've found you" by The Foundations (version by Alison Krauss)

There is a reason why many of the coaches are groping for an explanation of why none of them has turned a chair for Hannah Blaylock here; She is definitely good enough to pass this stage of the game. It's not just the fact that he has a professional background: he's had a band, an old recording contract, a tour, the plays, but he also has tea tones so clean and sweet that it's hard to believe that Blake Shelton would not accept it . If you already have a female country artist on board your team. Sure, his voice is quite small and shaky at first, but there is enough rank and raw talent here for any of the coaches to work. Pity.

Team: N / A.

Mike Parker (23 – Gainesville, VA)
"So Sick" by Ne-Yo

If you stopped looking at the screen during the performance of Mike Parker, you might have suspected that John Legend was in the house because his tones were quite reminiscent of the characteristic sound of the EGOT winner, minus the stellar performance, of course. He does not have nearly the same rank as Legend, but only his ambition is enough to get Jennifer Hudson's attention. You will have to work hard to stay in this, but given the beauty of your full voice, you have a chance.

Team: Jennifer Hudson.

Joey green (35 – Crowley, TX)
"Baba O & # 39; Riley" by The Who

One of Joey Green's favorite bands is Goo Goo Dolls, and it shows because he has a rasp similar to Johnny Rzeznik's. Green's performance is a stiff touch in the middle, and Adam Levine is not interested in his lost launch points, but Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson are taken by his voice and his passionate interpretation, and Blake, in particular, believes he can help the male channel His persuasion of "red land country".

Team: Blake Shelton.

Zaxai (29 – Brooklyn – NY)
"Come and get your love" by Redbone

Being a singing sun ball has led some participants far back in the past (hey, Chris Blue!), So Zaxai definitely has that in his favor. Better yet, your positive disposition is a good combination for this song, which does not require you to overdo the races to keep people dancing. It makes it seem easy to be a complete package artist, and although it seems that we have not heard everything you can do on the technical front, this is good enough for JHud Productions.

Team: Jennifer Hudson.

A rotating chair full of judges looks for the next great superstar singer in this NBC reality show.


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