The voice summary: season 15, episode 11

adminOctober 30, 2018

Mariah Carey has said goodbye to her. American idol roots and hello to The voice as she enters the role of key assessor for the four teams in season 15. And as soon as everyone can lift their jaws off the floor after seeing her, participants can gather some words of wisdom from the living legend, who knows One or two things about taking off your socks with your crazy options of notes and not afraid to inform (kindly) someone about your weakest points.

Unlike battles, knockouts allow each of these artists to have a little more voice in their song choices, as they do it alone instead of trying to share space with a competitor, and the results are varied. For some, a bit of freedom of action is essential so that they can show their style, and for others … not so much.

Let's take a look at who advances in the first qualifying round tonight.

Team Adam: Keith Paluso vs. Tyke James

How is this for a good start? Keith Paluso and Tyke James have voices with a bit of gravel in them, and they share a love and connection with nature and their own spirits. Best of all, everyone put everything on stage to open tonight's first round of playoffs.

Keith's version of "You're the best" by Ray LaMontagne makes it clear that he still belongs to this thing. His soul tie is dotted with some lighter races and a soft voice in the chest, and everything together, makes it a very good delivery of songs tonight. Adam Levine and Mariah Carey asked him to try to reach the maximum immediately, and in fact, he has followed the instructions very well; Adam complements those "delicate" moments I wanted to hear.

Then comes Tyke James with all his natural star power, which shows that he is also a good student of coach Levine. After receiving many, many notes of Adam and Mariah during rehearsals, he takes the stage with Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and is only the owner. They told him to bring some emotion and personality to the piece, and that the results are basically a lullaby from a flower boy, and it's great. His sweet gravel voice is no less than intoxicating, so Adam can not let it go, no matter how good Keith is. As he says, "Tyke is just a force, he has it, whatever it is, he has it."

However, Adam tries to steal his own lost back and Keith, surprisingly, does not have it. When given the option to go to another new team with Kelly Clarkson, he takes it. Hey, teamwork has worked well enough for him so far, is not it?

Winner: Tyke James
Steal: Keith Paluso to Team Kelly.

Team Kelly: Kymberli Joye vs. Zaxai vs. Natasia Greycloud

Well, this is different. For the first qualifying round of Team Kelly, she has three competitors that go head-to-head, and only two of them will advance to the next round without someone touching the steal button. The three chosen ones are Kymberli James, Natasia Greycloud and Zaxai, who have different shots of the pop-R & B scene.

Kymberli Joye goes first and does what Kymberli Joye does. Her performance of Zedd, Maren Morris and Gray "The Middle" is something of a tongue twister in the first verse, but once she arrives in the choir, it's an easy street for her. From there, he navigates along with his upper register hitting the ceiling and his massive middle voice. Somehow, it sounds even more like Whitney Houston tonight than when he made one of the last hymns of the great diva in a previous round. Your place in the next round of this thing is assured from the first note of the choir.

Natasia Greycloud continues with her version of the Chris Stapleton song "Tennessee Whiskey", too exaggerated, and although Kelly is sure that she will make Jennifer Hudson jealous with her recruitment of this participant, that is not the case once she arrives to stage. While Natasia has a lot of reach and power, her arrangement has too many careers to feel as natural as what Kymberli achieved. Even so, his gift with the grunts and high notes could have been enough for the W if Zaxai had not appeared and he would have thrown them all behind.

It is possible that Zaxai's rehearsals have been slow, but it brings something of undeniable softness and rhythm to the great stage in which he has his version of "Cruisin" by Smokey Robinson. Adam even has to congratulate his "false" falsetto after crossing over to some high notes that sound more authentic and unforced than Natasia's efforts. Kelly seems to have entered this competition with the intention of advancing both ladies, but has to change his mind after hearing what Zaxai does with his number. That said, Blake Shelton is ready to add some feminine power to his team, so he's happy to steal Natasia, even after joking that he was saving it for someone else.

Winner # 1: Kymberli Joye
Winner # 2: Zaxai
Steal: Natasia Greycloud to the Blake team.

Team Jennifer: MacKenzie Thomas vs. Mike Parker

It is never a good signal when one song is abbreviated while the other one plays in its entirety at this stage of the competition. Therefore, when Mike Parker's version of "Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)" of The Script receives the definitive treatment, you must ask yourself what we have missed. However, what we do hear is that he lets the nerves take advantage of him in the rehearsals and then a little encouragement in the shop window. He is still a good singer, but this song has obviously escaped him.

Meanwhile, MacKenzie Thomas has the kind of tones that bring tears to Mariah's eyes in the rehearsals, and while she sounds a bit nervous in some places, she has everything softened before reaching the big stage with her version of The BeeGees. Deep Is Your Love. "She elegantly remains with her softer voice with scales of notes more richly developed for the first half of the number and produces a beautiful and soft melody that leaves plenty of room for her little strokes near the end. The performance is so sweet that it even gives Kelly Clarkson a leg cramp. It's an easy decision for JHud, really.

Winner: MacKenzie Thomas
Theft: N / A.

A rotating chair full of judges looks for the next great superstar singer in this NBC reality show.

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