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Shy are the others: In the TV show "The Voice Senior" in Sat.1, the candidates convince not only good performances, but especially after age-related silence. On Sing Offs on Sunday night, the roles were redistributed and the students became teachers.

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Where "Voice" is on, it is also "The Voice" in it. At least, you can always rely on it, since the choreographed format does not provide much room for surprises.

History of the candidates, performances, clowns from Mark Forster, unnecessarily long decision making – with "The Voice" everything follows a very precise plan. So much so that the feelings of the audience and the coaches are sometimes very scary cuts together.

It was often the case with "The Voice Senior", until the talents knocked a few sharp edges into the thoroughly rounded format of Sing-Offs on Sunday night.

For the original of the show, so far, the youngest candidates were so curious as obediently absorbed the advice of their coaches.

"I sing F major, F as Friedrich!"

It was not possible with any of the older candidates in Sing Offs. Especially mr. Forster and Sasha got to feel the independence of their candidates in the rehearsals.

Sasha's candidate, Michael Dixon, professor of song at Berlin's art university, was the first to give the pianist's instructions on how to play this role in his interpretation of what the world's needs are now.

The pianist at Sasha Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roles, Walter Golczyk, had a similar experience. The piano pace of "Roll Over Beethoven" was a little too slow for it: "Giving you a little more speed" he asked the pianist, and the whole grip took Chuck Berry's character.

Giselle Rommel also did not speak words. The 78-year-old from Düsseldorf had quite accurate ideas during the repetitions: "Sorry, it's not the right key, I sing F-big, F is like Friedrich, you have to play it a little faster," asked the Rommel pianist to rectify his play . "

Giselle Rommel also had an explanation of her direct address: "When I do something, I also develop ambition, I am definitely in good spirit, I want to go to the final."

So much ambition in honor, but in spite of all independence is also in senior version: in the end, the coaches decide who is coming to the final. With five participants, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster, Sasha and The Lord of the BossHoss have gone to Sing Offs, with only two being allowed to enter the final.

"Moonriver" in German?

Sasha chose his team for Dan Lucas, who sang in the 1980s in the studio again with "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey. In addition, Gabriele Treftz was allowed into the final, even though she forgot the text a bit during her performance.

But that was understandable in some ways because the 78-year-old had already resigned during the rehearsals that she was to sing a Germanized version of "Moon River": "I find him a little cheesy, I was slightly rejected in the content", was a beautician. In fact, there was no valid reason for the classic to be sung in German. Still, it is for Treftz in the final.

There she meets Janice Harrington, who may it Evening performance is down. With a confident and sympathetic attitude, Harrington on the stage has driven the ladies: "A man is like a bus, if you miss one, the next one comes," joked the 76-year-old, before she swept across the stage with her version of "Dog Dog".

Also from Team Catterfeld are Fritz Bliesener, who sang "Il Mare Calmo della Sera" with a lot of emotions and his typically closed eyes. Team Mark is represented by Joerg Kemp ("Other ways" by Andreas Bourani) and the resolutely Giselle Rommel ("Music is in the air") from Düsseldorf.

The boys of The BossHoss, however, put in the finals of opera and hard rock. Willi Stein ("Torna A Surriento") and Wolfgang "Thunderwolf" Schorer ("Smoke On The Water") will complete the race for them. This comes to Friday, January 4 at 8.15 on Sat.1.

Fun, sexy, deep, informative, entertaining: Before, during and after the party, the TV show has a lot to offer.

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